Boorowa nursing team named finalist in health district's Excellence Awards

Boorowa nursing team named finalist in health district's Excellence Awards

The nursing team at Boorowa Multi Purpose Service (MPS) has been named a finalist in the Murrumbidgee Local Health District's (MHLD) Excellence Awards.

Outlined in the Spring issue of the Murrumbidgee Matters magazine, the awards recognise people who have created and continue to uphold the values of excellence, innovation and collaboration which help improve the lives of people in care.

Boorowa's nursing team is up for the "Our People Our Future" award, presented in recognition of an individual or team who showcase MLHD as the best place to work, lead, practise, volunteer, teach, learn and grow.

On the team's nomination, the MHLD said the "Boorowa Clinical team implemented weekly scenario based training exercises to build the skills, knowledge and resilience of staff to handle any type of emergency presentation at any time".

"The 60 minute sessions are facilitated by the GP/VMO and cover real life-like situations including clinical and emergency scenarios.

"All clinical staff and students are invited to attend.

"The busy Boorowa MPS Emergency Department is equipped with telehealth cameras to connect the team with specialists through the Critical Care Advisory Service, helping to ensure our patients and residents get the care they need.

"The sessions have improved team engagement, promoted critical thinking, increased familiarity with equipment, telehealth experience, and troubleshooting, and ultimately results in higher quality patient based care and better outcomes for patients presenting to the Boorowa Emergency Department."

The winners will be announced at a virtual event later in the year.