Spring in full swing: Word in the Streets

Get out and have a look around at the gorgeous spring blooms that have sprung up around town. Photo: John Snelling

Get out and have a look around at the gorgeous spring blooms that have sprung up around town. Photo: John Snelling

Boorowa has experienced a very wet winter ensuring we should enjoy a very good season on our farms, in our parks and our gardens.

Displays of blossom on our flowering trees has been outstanding, and I am amazed as I drive around town at some of the stunning displays of beauty that I see and am sure I've not noticed before.

At Christmas time people light up their homes and many of us enjoy driving around town looking at the Christmas displays.

It would not be remiss to have a spring drive around.

Currently some trees bloom is passing, like the prunus, but others are just beginning to display their beauty.

Keep your eyes open and enjoy the beauty of nature at this magnificent time.


Hilltops Council has opened up its Financial Assistance and Sponsorship Programs for the period to December 31.

Infrastructure for community and sporting groups, help with special programs or events, or sponsorship for non-profit groups, organisations or individuals in Hilltops Area is available.

Got a plan? Need some help to bring it to fruition? Go to the Council's website: https://www.hilltops.nsw.gov.au/Services/Grants-and-Funding/Hilltops-Financial-Assistance-and-Sponsorship-Prog.aspx

Now that is one hell of a website address, get through that and your efforts could very well be worthwhile, or you could try a Council representative on 0418 755 092.


We have reached some easing of restrictions locally and isn't that a relief.

Respect the manner we are expected to enjoy this lifting of restrictions because it only takes one idiot to spoil it for the rest of us.

The number of infections spiraling in other parts of NSW is quite scary, alarmingly, expected to reach 2000 in a week or so, the anticipated peak.

Areas of this state can't enjoy the freedoms we currently have and as a state, we still have a way to go.


We recently shared the story of a pretty dumb blonde cop.

Not even the Gendarmerie is immune to stupidity.

Take this true account involving a drunk Englishman and police officer in France.

The policeman stops the Englishman's car and asks if he has been drinking.

With difficulty the Englishman admits he has been drinking all day, that his daughter got married that morning and that he drank champagne and a few bottles of wine at the reception, and many malt scotches thereafter.

Quite upset, the policeman proceeds to breath test the Englishman and verifies that he is indeed totally sloshed.

He asks the Englishman if he knows why, under French Law, he is going to be arrested, the Englishman answers with a bit of humour, "No sir, I do not. But while we're asking questions, do you realise this is a right hand drive British car, my wife is driving ... on the other side."


The Voice, now screening on the 7 Network reached its conclusion last Sunday night.

The talent competition throughout the show has produced some outstanding talent, with the top for acts having the likelihood of a successful future in the industry.

Boorowa/Frogmore has a connection to one of the finalists, Arlo Sim.

Arlo is the grandson of Lyn Bray (nee Boulding).

Lyn is a sister to Ken and Ross Boulding of Boorowa and raised in Frogmore.

Arlo didn't win, but in the words of Mentor Rita Ora, "All the finalists are winners".