Clash of the heavyweights at darts

Clash of the heavyweights at darts

The two most successful darts teams so far this year will go head-to-head on Thursday night in what should be a fast-paced night of darting action.

The Courthouse and Charlies Angels have been the two most consistent teams up to date with not a lot separating them.

Josh Carmody, along with brother Jacob, have led the way for the Courthouse, whilst Charlies Angels (formerly The Silver Foxes) have seen the veterans Richard Hall and Lester Murphy scoring heavily.

Meanwhile in last week's games Deb and Grant Cotter were in good form for the Shamrocks, both throwing one hundred plus scores.

Angie and Jamie, who new to the competition, both won their singles matches for the Annals.

Shane Picker found some good form for Muk Me Ram hitting a 120 and 103 whilst Lester Murphy led the way for Charlies Angels with a 132.

Adrian March hit a 114 for the RSL whilst Emily had two tons for the Outlaws.

Josh Carmody was a standout for the Courty with six tons including three 140s whilst Graham Murray pegged out with a bullseye for the Courty.

There was plenty of hot action last week with some more big numbers thrown with some tight matches that went right down to the wire.

It's great to see so many close matches making the competition even more interesting.

Results of last Thursday were:

  • Shamrocks 4 beat Beavers 3
  • Leprechauns 4 beat Annals 3
  • Outlaws 4 beat RSL 3
  • Courthouse 4 beat Dartie Deeds 3
  • Charlies Angels 5 beat Muk Me Ram 2

So, the draw for tonight looks this way (home side first):

  • Charlies Angels V Courthouse
  • Muk Me Ram v Leprechauns
  • RSL v Shamrocks
  • Dartie Deeds v Outlaws
  • Annals v Beavers

It's Thursday night and that means darts night at a venue near you.

See you at the boards.