Magnificent Murphy makes a perfect 180

Magnificent Murphy makes a perfect 180

Last weeks round of darts saw some of the best throwing of the season which was highlighted by the veteran Lester Murphy who threw some stunning darts including a perfect 180.

Lester has been around local darts for many years and surprisingly this was his first 180 in competition, despite regularly throwing multiple one hundreds.

May there be many more.

Other highlights from the week saw Josh Carmody and Jacob Carmody star for the Courty.

Josh had peg outs of 97 and 80 whilst Jacob hit a high 140.

Nat Blundell with a 129 and Bec Halls with a 110 were good for the Muk Me Ram team.

Lateesha with a ton and Pete with a 104 were great for the Beavers whilst Dee hit a 104 for the Outlaws.

Deb Cotter hit a nice ton for Shamrocks whilst Mike Ward had a 70 peg out.

Round Fourteen Darts Scores were:

Charlies Angels 7 beat Muk Me Ram 0.

Courthouse 6 beat RSL 1.

Leprechauns 5 beat Dartie Deeds 2.

Shamrocks 6 beat Annals 1.

Beavers 4 beat Outlaws 3.

The draw for tonight's round 15 games (home side first) are:

Shamrocks versus Beavers.

Leprechauns versus Annals.

Courty versus Dartie Deeds.

Outlaws versus RSL.

Charlies Angels versus Muk Me Rams.

Its another big night of darts tonight, who will be the next to hit the magic 180?

See you at the boards to find out.