Carinya Court committee calls for more members

The Carinya Court complex.
The Carinya Court complex.

Boorowa's Carinya Court committee is calling on the local community to help continue the facility's management and any new members are welcome to join their ranks.

Carinya Court complex is situated in Court Street, Boorowa providing 14 units for the aged and disadvantaged.

There are 10 single units, two double and two wheelchair accessible units.

The facility was established in the 1980s to provide affordable, low-cost housing for aged members of the community.

The units are air conditioned, carpeted and tiled with a designated car space and additional storage shed.

Resident lucky enough to live in this complex are surrounded by peaceful, well-kept gardens with a manager, gardener and a handyman to deal with any issues in a timely and stress-free manner.

The complex is within easy walking distance of the supermarket, clubs, medical, café, business and social facilities.

There have been many upgrades over the last couple of years.

Some can be seen as you drive by, such as the new aluminum shutters, outdoor awnings and garden upgrades.

The greatest changes are however, less obvious and have taken place within the units.

Several units have been updated with the removal of an internal wall, new kitchen and bathroom, floor coverings and paint throughout.

These upgrades have taken place when the opportunity presents itself between occupancy and available finances.

The committee would like to take this opportunity to recognise the Bendigo Bank and Bango Wind Farm for grants which have helped us to fund these upgrades.

With all 14 units now occupied, the committee is currently looking at plans in the hope of building more units within the complex grounds to cater for the growing waiting list.

Although the committee is in a strong financial position, they will be relying on local, state and federal government grants for substantial funding to complete this ambitious project.

If you are interested in taking on a new and interesting challenge within your local community, please contact one of the current committee members to learn more.