Local hospitals rate highly

Boorowa Health Service had a 32 per cent response rate to the patient survey.
Boorowa Health Service had a 32 per cent response rate to the patient survey.

NSW Health have released survey results that show 95 per cent of patients admitted to small and rural hospitals have rated their care experiences highly.

According to NSW Health the data has been taken from between June 2019 and June 2020 with the information coming from the latest Bureau of Health Information survey.

Fifteen patients responded to the survey in Boorowa, with a response rate of 32 per cent.

The response rate was much higher at Mercy Care in Young where 58 patients responded.

At Harden 51 surveys were submitted at a response rate of 40 per cent.

Throughout Murrumbidgee Health Service 1381 patients took part in the survey.

NSW Health said almost 4,500 patients provided feedback on their care in the Hospital Adult Admitted Patient Survey 2019-20, reporting overwhelmingly positive experiences across every aspect of the survey.

The overwhelming majority of patients (95 per cent) rated their overall care in small, rural hospitals as 'very good' (78 per cent) or 'good' (17 per cent) according to the data.

NSW Health Deputy Secretary Dr Nigel Lyons said the survey results are an incredible compliment to the staff and services at some of the smallest hospitals across the state, whose care and professionalism are second to none.

Dr Lyons also said half of the survey period occurred during a very challenging period for the people of NSW, and their healthcare services, dominated by drought, bushfires and the COVID-19 pandemic.

"This survey shows the patients admitted to our rural and regional hospitals appreciate the quality of care they receive from our dedicated health professionals, with 95 per cent of people rating their overall care very positively," Dr Lyons said.

"More than nine in ten patients (91 per cent) said they were always treated with respect and dignity, and more than seven in 10 patients (76 per cent) said the care they received was very well organised, key aspects of our commitment to providing patient-centred care."