Boorowa Landcare to host soil bootcamp

Are you looking to build your confidence in managing your soils, improve soil health on your place, learn the basics about soil fertility and how to make effective soil decisions or implement regenerative cropping or grazing?

Boorowa Community Landcare Group (BCLG) is set to host a practical, hands on, two-day Soils Bootcamp, featuring agroecologist David Hardwick.

This workshop will allow you to deepen your understanding of how soils work, explore ways to regenerate and manage your soil for health and fertility and build your skills and confidence to read soil tests, assess soil in the paddock and make good soil decisions.

It is suitable for anyone on the land including graziers, cropping, horticulture and small landholders.

This course is hands on.

You will need to bring a 20cm cube of soil from your place to get the most from the course.

Bring more than one if you want.

If you have a soil test then bring it along too.

You will get your hands dirty and you will also get plenty of practice in reading soil tests.

We can provide you with a sample soil test if you do not have one.

Course notes are also included.

During this bootcamp you will work on your own soils and develop a plan of action to improve soil health and soil fertility on your place using an ecological, regenerative based approach.

You will learn:

  • How to manage soils as a system
  • How to read a soil test effectively
  • How to assess soils in the field
  • How to make effective soil health and soil nutrient decisions

Course Content

Day 1

  • The 4 Steps to Soil Success
  • A day in the life of a soil. Get to know how a soil system works.
  • Understanding Soil Types: one size doesn't fit all
  • Soil Texture: sand, silt and clay!
  • Soil Colloids: understanding the soil's CEC
  • Soil Fertility - where do soil nutrients come from?
  • Taking a soil sample for the lab

Day 2

  • Soil Health: what is it and why is it important
  • The 3 Steps to managing Soil Health
  • The Soil Health Checklist: assessing soil health in the paddock and with a soil test
  • Managing Soil Organic Matter: the heart of a healthy soil
  • Managing Soil Biology: the community of life in a topsoil
  • Managing Soil Structure and Water: optimising your soil's air and water
  • Managing the Soil Colloid: balancing the cations
  • Managing key soil chemistry: salinity and pH
  • Monitoring Soil Health

The workshop will be held on Tuesday, June 29 and Wednesday, June 30 at the Frogmore Hall, Frogmore from 8.30am till 4pm.

Cost is $50 per head to cover catering costs.

Numbers will be limited to 30 particpants and places are filling quickly.

Please indicate dietary requirements on booking.

For further information contact or call 0459 681 018.

This course is generously sponsored by Australian Government National Landcare Program, through Boorowa Landcare's Grazing Group Smart Farms Grant.