Yass District Historical Society enjoys day out in Boorowa

The "YDHS jury" in the old Courthouse finds in favour of Boorowa.

Nineteen members of the the Yass and District Historical Society enjoyed a magnificent autumn day out in Boorowa recently.

Both Boorowa and Yass were significant settlements in early colonial times.

Here was an opportunity to explore their connections and differences.

Our first stop at Lang's Creek Cemetery, surrounded by a view of green rolling pasture just off the Boorowa road, contains the graves of Francis Rawdon Hume, his wife Emma, youngest son Charles Lodovia, children and grandchildren as well as many other graves of people who worked and lived on Castlesteads and in the district.

In 1848, Hamilton Hume purchased the the property Castlesteads, adjoining the cemetery, for his brother Francis.

Later in the day, members viewed the jewel like stained glass windows above the altar in St John's Anglican church dedicated to Francis Rawdon and Emma Hume, and a side stain glass window dedicated to Charles Lodovia Hume.

The connection to the Yass district was also evident in the beautifully carved wooden altar dedicated to Minnie May Armstrong who died just five years after moving to Boorowa with her husband Thomas from Murrumbateman.

The unusual lych gate entrance was erected as a memorial to the district servicemen who died in World War I with their names etched into the glass lantern suspended in the arch.

St Patrick's Catholic Church is a must for any visitor to Boorowa.

Its proportions, opulent stain glass, extensive marble altars and railings are a testament to the strong Irish Catholic contribution to the development of the district and the town.

Marble tablets either side of the front entrance list the Irish family names that were donors to the church and are still predominant in the district.

The left side windows are dedicated to Ryan and Dwyer family members; the right side windows to the O'Neill family.

Perhaps most revealing is the window above the entrance, imported in 1888 from Ireland, which pictures Daniel O'Connell, the Liberator of Ireland.

Other highlights of the day included the excellent Devonshire morning tea served to our group in the historic Court House courtroom, the fascinating Museum and the town clock and War Memorial, a Boorowa landmark, at the end of Marsden Street.

The Boorowa Historical Society guides were welcoming and very informative especially the highly entertaining Mrs Marilyn Miller who brought to life for the group the streets and buildings in the old part of town.

Everyone was impressed by how the autumn colours of the beautifully landscaped streetscapes enhanced the quiet country charm of the town, the food and friendly service at the Ex Services Club, as well as by the generous hospitality of our guides.

Sincere thanks are due to Deacon Patrick Wales who hosted the group at St Patrick's, Cathy McClelland at St John's Anglican church, Phil Armitage for the RSL, Dawn Barton, Jenny Reid and the ladies who catered for us at the Court House.

Altogether a great day out. If you haven't been to Boorowa, put it on your list.