Barbering biker on her way to Boorowa

Chris Keeble will be headed to Boorowa on May 29 and is looking for a local legend to make over.
Chris Keeble will be headed to Boorowa on May 29 and is looking for a local legend to make over.

Boorowa will be treated to a visit from the Barbering Biker on Saturday, May 29.

The Barbering Biker, real name Chris Keeble, is travelling the region on her highly customised Indian motorbike (Calamity Jane) offering mini makeovers to local legends.

The idea for the trips came during last year's COVID-19 lockdowns which halted her long running Rockumentary series.

"I'd take a rock icon, research them and write their life story, then I'd tell that story from birth to death and a band would play covers of their biggest hits," Ms Keeble said.

"But COVID ruined everything and all my tours got cancelled, but out of the ashes the phoenix has risen and I've come up with this idea."

She said her idea to bring the Barbering Biker to Boorowa came from a cancelled trip to the region with other bikers.

"I wanted to come a few months ago but it got rained out," she said.

"A whole bunch of riders were going to come to town and I was going to join them, turn it into a nice weekend.

"There are a lot of country town bikers talk about, the roads to get there are good and roads coming from directions meet there.

"So I put Boorowa on my list to get to at some stage."

Ms Keeble will also be producing a YouTube series that documents her adventures alongside her visit and hopes to include locals in that production.

"I set up some shots and hand people my cameras," she said.

"The locals are usually happy to oblige, all they have to do is point the camera they don't have to touch anything."

Ms Keeble wants to know if there is a local who is a deserving recipient for her May 29 visit at the Boorowa Hotel.

In seeking her participant, she said it wasn't just limited to men.

"I'm a qualified ladies' hairdresser as well, so if the town said, 'we've got this lady that would love a makeover', I can do that," she said.

"Barbering is just more of a natural fit with men."

If you know someone who could use a makeover, dob them in and call Ms Keeble on 0418 970 963 to arrange details.