Boorowa Gun Club to host Come and Try Day

A Come and Try Day for novices was held on Sunday, May 2 at Boorowa Gun Club.

More than 20 keen, mostly first timers attended the day with most having never held a firearm before.

The day began with a meet and greet followed by some paperwork and vetting of the attendees.

This was followed by a safety briefing from our Shoot Marshall Benjamin Murphy.

Then it was time to pair off the "L" platers with their instructors.

Gun fit was looked at first of all, as not every gun fits every person.

Getting a suitably sized and fitted gun is one of the most important factors to hitting targets and not suffering bruises from recoil.

For many people their only experience firing a shotgun can often be their last.

Poor gun fit and or poor instruction can lead to an unpleasant experience.

Once a correctly fitted gun had been found for each person, it was off to the traps to learn about mounting or holding the gun.

Each participant had a minimum of one hour allotted to them, on a one-on-one basis.

Once their coach was confident that they were comfortable, and able to fire the shotgun safely, they were each allowed fire at the pattern board.

The pattern board is the only non moving target, used in clay target shooting.

It is used for seeing where a particular gun shoots, for a particular person.

After the pattern board it was off to the traps, where the participants learned about the various techniques, safety requirements and etiquette, involved in DTL (Down The Line) Clay Target Shooting.

The attendees shot at 20 to 25 targets each, with the best on the day hitting 15 out of 25 targets.

Although the average was about three or four.

Time permitted a few extra rounds for some of the keener participants, and even their instructors were surprised at the improvement in scores throughout the day.

For many people shooting is something they are curious about.

At the same time the prospect of attending a Gun Club can seem daunting.

This is one of the reasons why the Come and Try Days are so popular, everyone is in the same boat, everyone is pretty much a beginner.

All the beginner shooters thoroughly enjoyed their day out.

For some it was a tick on a bucket list, for others it was the very start of a new and fulfilling hobby.

If you are interested in having a try at Clay Target Shooting, the Boorowa Gun Club is open for practice for members and for beginners every Tuesday evening from 5pm till 7pm.

All ages and abilities 12 years and up are welcome and photo ID is required.

A note of thanks - Not for profit clubs such as Boorowa Gun Club owe their success to the volunteers and people who support them.

The success of the day was in no small way assisted by long time member and supporter of the club, Matt Corkhill from South West Shooting Supplies Boorowa.

If you are thinking of getting your firearms licence or just need ammunition or advice drop in and see Matt and his friendly knowledgeable team.

Monthly Shoot - May 22

The program begins at 11am and consists of a 50 Target Club Handicap, 25 Target Double Barrel Continental and the last event of the day is 15 targets Double Rise.

The cost is Open $65, Ladies and Vets $50 and Juniors $40.

Refreshments including lunch will be available at the club.

COVID-19 restrictions and social distancing are still to be strictly adhered to.

Contactless payment and check in will be available.

If you are unwell or reside in a COVID-19 designated hotspot do not attend this shoot.

Central Zone Trap Carnival Orange Clay Target Club - May 23

On Sunday, May 23, Orange Clay Target Club is hosting the 2021 Central Zone Trap carnival.

If you are a member of one of the Central Zone Clubs, this is your chance to gain selection to represent your zone at the NSW State Carnival later in the year.

Any enquiries about the Central Zone Carnival should be made directly to Orange Clay Target Club.