International Women's Day a resounding success

Jessica Gallagher, Miley Taylor and Cassandra Ledger all spoke at the Gala dinner.

Jessica Gallagher, Miley Taylor and Cassandra Ledger all spoke at the Gala dinner.

Boorowa's International Women's Day celebrations have again been a resounding success.

This year's theme was "Through Your Eyes" and attendees were treated to talks from Cassandra Ledger, a Naturopath specialising in Iridology and Dr Jessica Gallagher, the first Australian athlete, Olympic or Paralympic, to medal at both a Summer and Winter games.

Ms Ledger spoke on the art of Iridology eye analysis and Dr Gallagher talked about her life story.

Those who attended were also treated to a special address from Miley Taylor, Boorowa's Junior Ambassador of the Year.

Although not in its usual format due to COVID-19, Boorowa Ex-Services Club Manager Garrett Robinson said he'd received positive feedback about the day.

"The feedback for the dinner was overwhelming, so it was a good afternoon," he said.

"We had some feedback forms on the table and we are going through that now, but 99 per cent of responses really liked the day.

"We have a few little tweaks but the people who attended absolutely loved it."

Mr Robinson said those who had attended wished to have the same speakers again next year.

"What they did speak on and who spoke was well received," he said.

"One comment that did really resonate with people was that it was great to see young women represented with Miley Taylor.

"They said they would really love to see her back next year and see the progress on what she spoke about.

"Those that assisted us picking up Jessica from the airport said the car ride was pure inspiration in itself.

"We are well under way in planning for next year and I've got to keep the speakers secret, but we'll be back bigger and better next year."

Janine Hurley, who had been involved in the event since 2007, spoke on the history of International Women's Day and was also given an award in recognition for her dedication to the event each and every year.

Janine Hurley (left).

Janine Hurley (left).