Worthy of recognition: celebrating Boorowa's quiet achievers

Australia Day is not only a chance for the country to celebrate but an opportunity for those who go above and beyond to be recognised.

Boorowa's celebrations are no different, and this year, six of the town's hardest workers were presented with Community Awards.

Australia Day Committee President, John Snelling, said presenting these awards was just one of the enjoyable functions of being on the committee.

"From the very, very first meeting we have, we sit down and say 'who needs recognition in the community?'," he said.

"What we've got here is what you would call the silent achievers in our community, some long time servers of our community.

"That's what we (the committee) are all about recognising, the contribution they make to this town."

The first award winner for the year was Gary Harton, in recognition of his continued service to the youth of Boorowa.

Mr Harton has been involved in the Rugby Club as the team strapper for the past seven years and has been involved in making sure Boorowa's young people know how to swim as the President and Club Coach of the Amateur Swimming Club for the last 25 years.

For the last 15 years, he has run an intensive 10 day learn to swim program for the region and has been a long term member of the Boorowa Education Foundation committee.

The second award winner for the year was Maureen Beere in recognition of her services to the Boorowa Community.

Ms Beere is a very quiet achiever, doing "a terrible lot" for Boorowa.

A lot of her work goes unsaid and a lot of it unknown, but she has been very heavily involved in the Swimming Club and is involved in any event that needs a hand.

The third award winner for the year was Robyn Shean in recognition of her services to the Boorowa community.

In a very similar position to Maureen Beere, Ms Shean's work goes unsaid but is involved in anything that is needed and required in the community.

She has been involved in a number of local institutions including the Boorowa Museum and the Boorowa Hospital Auxiliary.

The fourth award winner for the year was Stephen Meere, also in recognition of his services to the Boorowa community.

A great supporter of Rotary, Mr Meere has been quite heavily involved in the Boorowa Museum, organising Blaze Aid volunteers and helping to put up fences following Boorowa's recent floods and is also helping hand within the Australia Day committee.

The fifth award winner for the year was Peter Sykes in recognition of his many years service to the Boorowa community.

Having lived in Boorowa since 1988, Mr Sykes has been involved in the community, initially as the manager of the Courthouse Hotel with his wife, before managing the Boorowa Hotel from 1993 until 2001, when he joined NSW Ambulance.

A former committee member of the Rugby Club, he was President of the Boorowa Cricket Association in 1994 and a founding director of the Boorowa Community Bank in 2000.

Mr Sykes will also be receiving his medal for 20 years of service to NSW Ambulance in June of this year.

The final award winner of the day was Sharee Darmody, in recognition of her services to the Boorowa community.

Ms Darmody has been a member of the Irish Woolfest committee for 11 years and the South West Slopes Merino Field Days for 10 years.

She has been involved in a number of local sporting organisations as a volunteer, player and committee member.

She has taught Pilates classes in Boorowa, Frogmore and Young for almost 20 years, moving into the online space during COVID. She has also established the Weekend Warriors walking group, challenging members to hikes in many parts of Australia and New Zealand.

Ms Darmody said the Boorowa Australia Day Community Awards were an important recognition for the efforts of all members of the community.

"I feel very humbled to be on that list, because they are some amazing people and they have done such an amazing job with their own organisations or services throughout Boorowa for such a long time," she said.

"Personally, it's really lovely to be recognised but it's not why I do it and I know as a fact not why any of the other people do it.

"You love Boorowa, you love the people in Boorowa and surrounds, I go to Young and I've taught in Canberra and I go over Australia, we always have our hat on and promote Boorowa that way."