The differences that bring us together: Mylee entertains Australia Day crowd

Mylee Taylor is presented with her Junior Ambassador certificate.
Mylee Taylor is presented with her Junior Ambassador certificate.

Without an official Australia Day Ambassador, the day's biggest task fell to Boorowa's Junior Ambassador, Mylee Taylor.

Addressing those who attended the celebrations, Mylee spoke of what being an Australian means to her.

"I have come to realise that being Australian can be different things to different people," she said.

"This is dependent on your lifestyle, your culture, your history and your future dreams.

"It can mean safety for a refugee, a new start for an immigrant, the passing down of traditions and stories of Indigenous peoples or, according to my little sister, it can mean wearing tattoos on Australia Day, going to the pool for a swim or playing with her friends.

"But for me, I realise that it is being lucky enough to live in a thriving country town called Boorowa that provides the lifestyle I enjoy and am grateful."

Mylee spoke of the values she holds dear, the welcoming and supportive community of Boorowa and its "hardworking but easy going nature" that brings visitors coming back.

She also spoke of the feeling of belonging that was encouraged in the town.

"It makes me feel like a person, and not just a face in the crowd," she said.

"I discovered I am most grateful for the lifestyle I am blessed to have here in Boorowa.

"As a young Australian I am blessed with the freedom to chose how I spend my time. I am also free to become the person I want to be.

"To me being a young Australian isn't just about the stereotypes of saying 'g'day mate', eating Vegemite, wearing thongs and putting another shrimp on the barbie.

"To me being a young Australian is having the freedom to be who you want to be and the choice to accept others for who they are, after all I believe that in a country where you can chose whatever you want to be I say choose kind."