RFS asks for halt to harvesting

RFS asks for halt to harvesting

Due to the increased risk of fire in the Hilltops LGA, the NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) is requesting harvest operators immediately stop and check local weather conditions before deciding whether it is safe to continue harvesting.

Those conducting harvesting are advised to do the follow:

Stop: Stop Harvesting Operations in cereal crops and use discretion in canola crops

Check: Check weather conditions, check the grain harvesting guide, and check your equipment.

Decide: Only resume operations if safe to do so and regularly reassess the conditions.

Under the current conditions, fires will start easily and spread rapidly. They have the potential to threaten life and property, as well as destroying millions of dollars' worth of crop and equipment.

The NSW RFS appreciates the cooperation of farmers on days of heightened fire danger.

Stopping harvesting until weather conditions ease lowers the risk of fires breaking out and can prevent a great deal of damage.

For information on Harvest Safety Alerts and the Grain Harvesting Guide visit: www.rfs.nsw.gov.au/harvesting-guide