Skipping superstars showcased at gymnastics club

Skipping activities are used occasionally in the club to further enhance the development of gymnastic skills.

The gymnasts use skipping to help in their development of core stability, co-ordination and body awareness.

Skipping improves their hand-eye co-ordination, helps with nifty footwork and builds up their core strength. It also has the benefit of an all-over workout.

Skipping begins with long-rope activities such as jumping over wriggling, waving and swinging ropes and jumping over a stationary rope at varying heights.

They continue on to learn to jump the turning rope from standing beside the swinging rope before running through the turning rope or running in to start jumping.

They then progress to a number of children in the rope at once, jumping in co-ordination, zigzagging or moving down the line and entering and leaving the rope in sequences.

With their smaller ropes the skipper can combine a variety of different jumps with the rope turning forwards or backwards and then co-ordinate with a partner to introduce a second rope side by side or face to face with either one skipper turning the rope or both turning with one hand each.