A much needed boost: Word in the Streets

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price is an Alice Springs councilor and a staunch advocate for Aboriginals and Aboriginal women.
Jacinta Nampijinpa Price is an Alice Springs councilor and a staunch advocate for Aboriginals and Aboriginal women.

Last week I stated that when one put a comment out to the public, you're sticking your chin out. I queried the lack of funding out of $2,536,010 directed to the Boorowa district.

Lo and behold, the Mayor saw to it that I was informed of the latest grant money allocation, ensuring I was sent a copy of the Angus Taylor press release, I suppose a mayoral swipe for me, but good news for our district.

A total of $576,763 allocated to re-aligning, re-sheeting and rehabilitation of Boorowa district roads east of the town.

Hilltops Council is looking after us, great news from Angus, in excess of a half a million boost for some of our much needful roads.


We have a COVID-19 crisis looming from Sydney's south-west yet people are planning a Black Lives Matter rally in Sydney.

Hopefully, at time of reading, the rally didn't go ahead, and the judiciary held up the police protest about the rally going ahead.

I have said enough regarding this BLM movement, firmly believing they are a radical group more intent on destabilising the Australian way of life, even our economy.

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price has said many valid things regarding Aboriginal life in Australia saying, "Black Lives Matter continues to push a false narrative".

"There are a lot of people with a lot of good will who think by jumping on the bandwagon they are supporting Aboriginal Australians, but they are doing the opposite."

Ms Price has worked to improve a lot of Aboriginal people, has witnessed so many bad things in their own communities at their own hands.

She says progress already made was at risk, adding, "Black Lives Matter is creating a racial divide in our nation. I think we have come a hell of a long way to close that divide. Our entire nation has done everything we can to bring people together and this movement will undo that. The movement's Marxist cancel culture narrative is shutting down our voice."

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price speaks passionately on Aboriginal affairs. We should all listen.


This column has stated several times that "All Lives Matter".

Tony Abbott has said exactly the same words.

He has stated, "We should stop copying American outrage culture and start learning more of our own history." Our history is the record of our past and paves our way into the future.

The current school curriculum is coming under criticism for including the 'airy fairy' things at the neglect of what Tony Abbott said, Our History.


The Captain Cook Hotel in Paddington has come under notice lately for wanting to drop the 'Cook' from the name. They should be proud to own a hotel bearing that name. I found a few interesting facts about Cook that should instill this pride.

James Cook was acknowledged as the greatest navigator of his time, noted by the people at NASA who named a lunar module 'Endeavour' after his ship of that name. Cook was a collector, an explorer, not to blame for any problems endured with European settlement. He had no intention to conquer as is shown with his meeting with the Guuga Yimidhirr people of North Queensland negotiating the taking of turtles - called Australia's first act of reconciliation.

Our history shapes us and leads us into the future.