Back to True Blue: Word in the Streets

Here we are into a new month and many would have been pleased that as of the first, some of the restrictions resulting from the COVID-19 lockdown have been lifted, or at least eased.

You can head back to the pub or club, with some limitations, enjoy a drink, a meal and have a yarn, probably about when things will return to normal which we hope will be sooner than later.

Great also to see the beauty salon, 'Bloom, Bar and Spa', at 101 Pudman Street is not only re-opening, but extending, utilising two of the shops.

Beauty is bigger and better.

Another very charitable business re-opening is our very successful Op Shop.

As of this Thursday, June 4, the Op Shop will open their usual Thursday and Friday 10am to 4pm and Saturday 10am to 2pm.

A win win for this community.

We can only wish all the Boorowa businesses all the best, but should remind ourselves that normality can only return as quickly as our behavior allows it to.


'Hey True Blue' was the catch cry in the 1980s Buy Australian Campaign encouraging people to buy locally made products in preference to imported goods.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced Australian manufacturers to change their operations, producing goods in short supply that were drastically needed as we faced this crisis.

There is now a move to bring back the 'Buy Australian' campaign, modified to today's needs and popular appeal.

Visits by producers to the Australian Made website had jumped to 130 per cent and applications to use the official Australian Made logo have jumped to 400 per cent since the pandemic began.

Australia, and its states, have a huge hole in their budgets that is going to take many dollars to fill - put us back in the black.

A strong manufacturing industry in Australia supplying goods and employment would be a great help.

I am positive Australian made products provide quality over quantity, hence I was attracted to the words of tradie Yusuf Muklis when he said, "The quality of stuff made here is much better. Relying on products made overseas had caused problems during the coronavirus lockdown".

Yusuf tries to choose Australian made products and finished his words with, "Buying Australian made products would have shielded us from the delays and kept us productive".

I guess the ball is in our court.

Help our economy and get right behind this new 'True Blue Campaign'.


John Baker, a mate of Bede Morrissey, was browsing through an antique shop in Cowra and came across an old cup mentioning Boorowa, or as was inscribed Burrowa.

John obtained the cup which is now in the hands of Bede hopefully bound for the Booorowa Museum with the story behind it.

The cup is engraved as follows:


Presented to


By T J Clarke


The cup has a brief mention in Helen Lloyd's book about Boorowa's history, but Bede would dearly love to learn more.

If there is anyone out there who knows about TJ Clarke, the Clarke Challenge Cup and indeed the Burrowa Kangaroos FC, Bede Morrissey would appreciate hearing from you.

Bede can be contacted on (02) 6385 3349, or you can contact myself 0428 853 348.


Can you believe America?

There is a definite impression that police across the States are becoming more militarised, with an African American man being killed by a police officer who has subsequently been charged with murder and three other officers fired and no doubt being investigated further.

The death of 46-year-old George Floyd has sparked demonstrations starting in Minneapolis and spreading across the country, demonstrations that have descended into anarchy with looting and arson to the fore.

This incident has seen low income housing destroyed, shops burned and much of the city laid to waste.

Tragically, for the thousands who set out not anticipating a violent demonstration, it appears members, agitators, from an anti-fascist group have come forward to express the penchant for violence.

God help this wonderful country we call home, a country where we have a right to protest in a lawful, legal manner, if it is taken over by groups intent on mayhem and anti-social expressions of their own personal agendas..

I can understand why people in America are protesting.

I cannot understand the looting and destruction of the cities they call home.

Could these violent anti-authority reactions be related to the restrictions placed on the people due to coronavirus?

Still too hard to comprehend.


On this day in 1989 an incident that became known as the June Four Incident happened in China.

An unofficial count of 1000 student protesters were massacred in Tiananmen Square by Chinese troops.

The totalitarian communist regime does not allow protests and when this shocking incident was revealed to the world, collectively they were appalled by the extreme actions.

When one today looks at the situation in Hong Kong, now an independent sovereignty of China, we see the potential for another Tiananmen Square situation.

Hong Kong was controlled as a colony of England from 1841, with a 99 year lease being agreed to in 1896.

It was thought the agreement would never end, that is not now the case and violent clashes between the people and Chinese authorities have ensued.

Hopefully worst case scenarios never arise.


A blonde will never forget the look on the face of a cashier when a packet of bird seed was passed across the register and the blonde asked the cashier, "Now how long does it take for the birds to grow after I plant the seed?"


Australia, the world is beginning to open up, now keep in mind the spread of COVID-19 is based on two factors:

  1. How dense the population is.
  2. How dense the population is.