Time to do the right thing: Word in the Streets

Slowly the country is being eased from the COVID-19 induced lockdown that has forced us into isolation, social distancing when out and greater consciousness regarding our personal hygiene requirements.

As restrictions ease, and we are allowed greater freedom in our everyday lives, the government authorities are stepping up the frequency of the messages regarding personal awareness and responsibility attached to the virus.

With the fear of a spike in the number of cases, or worse still, a second wave of the pandemic, we are all encouraged and advised to get tested at the first sign of a sniffle or sneeze.

We should all be aware of the symptoms of the virus - sore throat, runny nose, fever.

Health authorities are aware, and fear, there are carriers in our communities who may be completely unaware they have contacted the virus, which can be so easily passed on.

On talking to Dr Jenny Huang, she also carries the message of all the health authorities - she has fears of an escalation, asking me to pass on her concerns.

Dr Huang has said to get tested on even a slight suspicion you may have the virus, but adds that you not rush into your doctor's surgery or the hospital, rather ring ahead allowing the staff to prepare and protect themselves, and on arriving at the surgery or hospital wait in your vehicle or outside for testing.

Test results are expected back in 24 to 48 hours post-test.

Very simple instructions asking us all to do the right thing.


Can you believe it?

I write the piece you've just read regarding testing for COVID-19 here in Boorowa, and on Monday a testing van was here.

I haven't wasted my time, information provided will apply for the months ahead.

We have to be particularly aware of our health due to the fact that more people will begin to move around the state.

For most of this crisis, here in Boorowa we have been virtually insulated from unwanted contact.

That could change.

The COVID-19 testing van could have given the community a lot more notice as to it coming.

I heard about it the previous Thursday on May 14, two days after the deadline for the paper, the WITS blurb and my session on 2LF.

This is not the first time government units have rocked up in town with virtually no advice they are coming.

Surely, if you want people to utilise the services you are providing on your visit, you need to inform the entire community.

The COVID-19 testing unit apparently did put notice on Facebook.

Facebook advertising may reach some, but it doesn't, by any means, reach all.

The government agencies need to do much better regarding when and how they inform communities.


While mentioning the virus and the restrictions it has placed on everyone, we should not neglect the mental issues associated with this pandemic.

Some of us are doing it very tough and I urge one and all to keep an eye on each other and, if depression seems to be enveloping you or a friend seek help, especially if those feelings begin to stretch beyond a couple of weeks.

Your local doctor is always there and provides great support.

There are agencies out there working to help us, some of which are Beyond Blue (1300 224 636), Lifeline (131 114), Reach Out Australia (1800 011 511) and Black Dog Institute (9382 4530).

Of course the emergency hot line is 000.

I went to Google to look up places to help us in dark moments and couldn't believe how difficult it was to find the relevant phone numbers.

Surely, these are the most important aspect of any service providing what could be vital help.

The contact numbers should almost jump out and grab you.


More businesses here are beginning to reopen or extend their hours of operation.

Jo and myself decided last Friday night to have a meal at the Ex-Services Club.

The thought of a really good meal was attractive, but to have a little sticky at what has happened at the club was also appealing.

I have to say, amazing would be an understatement.

The new bar area where the structural problems originated is a complete transformation and looks sensational.

The club seems to be more open and throughout I would say very inviting.

There is still a little finishing off to be done, new carpet has been laid in the foyer, with more to be laid throughout the club including the auditorium area.

I urge you to get along, support your club, have a meal and a drink and be really amazed at what you see.

At the moment there is a need to book, simply ring 6385 3338.


Just over 100 years ago, man got off the ground in a powered flying machine when the Wright brothers flew their plane a few hundred metres in 1903.

One hundred and seventeen years later man has been to the moon and pushed probes deep into space.

On May 21, 1927, aviator Charles Lindbergh notched up an aviation milestone making the first solo crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in his plane Spirit of St Louis.

Five years later, on May 21, 1932, after flying for 13 hours from Newfoundland, Amelia Earhart, landed in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, becoming the first transatlantic flight by a woman.

Mystery surrounds Earhart's disappearance in 1937 when attempting to fly from Lae, New Guinea, to Howland Island.

Very brave pioneers of flight and as we push on this century, one wonders where will we have gone by the year 2100?


An older truckie has been on the road for three weeks.

He stops off at a brothel outside Melbourne and walks straight up to the Madam, drops down $1000 and says, "I want your ugliest woman and a burnt chop".

The Madam is astonished, "But sir, for that kind of money you could have one of my finest ladies and a lovely three-course meal".

The truckie replies, "I'm not horny ... I'm homesick".


The River Walk has become a picturesque part of the aesthetic makeup of Boorowa and its autumn colours have the potential to become an attraction appealing to the many travellers who will be passing through Boorowa in hopefully the not too distant future.

The colour has almost gone now, but take a walk and admire the colour that's left.

Bright in Victoria is well known for its autumn colour, and the River Walk was an idea brought back from a visit to Bright by Boorowa Councillors in the latter half of the 1990s.


POSITION VACANT: 1500 reporters required for 'News From Boorowa'.

Pay very poor, appreciation immense.

Qualifications: Live in Boorowa or district, have an ear for news.