Democracy a low priority: Letter

Democracy a low priority: Letter

I read in my local paper this week that one Hilltops councillor is concerned that community members might be encouraged to adopt a 'democratic process' by way of a petition regarding a demerger.

Well, of course the council should not encourage any democratic action. It has been shown, right from the time of its creation, that democracy had been allotted a very low priority by Hilltops.

As a matter of fact, the very establishment of the (forcibly) amalgamated council was a complete denial of the democratic process.

Residents and ratepayers of this area have the same democratic rights as other Australians, although some of our councillors might prefer that they didn't.

Let us consider the possibility of residents of Boorowa, for instance, with its small population, having the capacity to elect representative councillors. Without the benefit of any ward system, the numbers will be against them.

In my school days at Boorowa Public School, we learned that the reason the American colonies of Britain revolted was because they were expected to accept a situation where they had 'taxation without representation.'

In Boorowa, and maybe also in Harden we will be asked to accept taxation (rating and fees) without representation.

In a civilised society, history is on the side of democracy. But will Hilltops Council encourage the exercise of democratic rights on behalf of its residents? Democracy? Oh dear no!

Derrick Mason, Boorowa