Council clean out needed: Word in the Streets

Is Brial Road the worst bit of tar seal you've ever seen?

Is Brial Road the worst bit of tar seal you've ever seen?

I most definitely was not surprised to hear a vote of no confidence in Hilltops Mayor Brian Ingram was carried at last week's council meeting. Surprising was the fact the vote was carried narrowly 5 to 4 and that it has taken so long in coming.

The Mayor says he is going nowhere, but is obviously losing support in council. I'd say he'll spend a lot of his time looking over his shoulder.

Come September, the electorate will have the opportunity to express a vote of no confidence in the current council. I can only name a few councilors who deserve to escape a purge.


Mentioning council elections, to say I'm concerned would be somewhat of an understatement. September 2020 may seem a long way away, but it will be on us before we realise. In April 2019, repeated in August, I suggested anyone interested in running for council should start building their profile then. Nothing has changed.

I had a talk with Wendy Tuckerman last week regarding the importance of running good candidates in the elections in September. Wendy mentioned two people showing some interest, but I urge anyone thinking about putting their hand up to let their intentions be known now. The earlier you start your run the better, and in order to get more than one elected from Boorowa, you need to build a profile beyond Boorowa.

I dearly would love to have a chat with anyone considering running. I am concerned.


I asked extensive world travelers Foster and Coral Downey if the Brial Road, especially the section from Gayle Taylor's residence to their place, wasn't the roughest piece of tar sealed road they've travelled on. The replies were an emphatic 'YES!'

Several years back I asked readers to 'dob' in the area's worst roads. Brial Road featured, but the road through Frogmore village was adjudged the worst.

The Rev. FJ Johnstone came to Boorowa as Methodist Minister in 1942, staying until 1947. His sons recall a time Rev. Johnstone was heading to Frogmore for Sunday Service, the car shuddering like the devil in the corrugations, when two police officers pulled him up. "What's the problem?" asked Rev. Johnstone.

Mouths agape as they peered at the man in black, the policeman said, "You are driving on the wrong side of the road".

Rev. Johnstone replied, "Not even God himself would drive over the wicked corrugates on the other side".

One would like to think so, but unfortunately, little appears to have changed.


What a transformation at what once was referred to as the 'Top Café'. Chelle and John have done a marvelous job presenting a 'new eatery' to Boorowa. Lighter, brighter with ambiance galore. Chelle will ensure you enjoy eating at 'Chelle's Kitchen'.

Nicki provided a great service for 12 or so years, but Boorowa now moves on to a new chapter. I wish Chelle and John all the best and congratulate them on an impressive start.


Fair dinkum! Sally was crossing a street in Adelaide with an obviously 'intellectually challenged' co-worker, a government employee in the Adelaide Post Office. The co-worker asked Sally if she knew what the beeper at the lights was for and was told it tells blind people when the light was red.

Appalled, the co-worker responded, "What on earth are blind people doing driving?"

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