Boorowa Parish enjoys visit during Christmas preparation

A strong recommendation for living the Christian life was made by the Bishop of the Canberra and Goulburn Anglican Diocese, the Rt Rev Mark Short, when speaking in St John's Church, Boorowa, on Sunday.

Bishop Mark, who was only recently appointed to head the Diocese, was paying his first visit to Boorowa Parish.

He attended the parish dinner on Saturday night, and preached and celebrated Holy Communion on Sunday morning.

Bishop Mark spoke of the house in Canberra into which he and his family had recently moved, and how the previous owner had equipped it with a highly sophisticated security system.

"One would wonder why he would go to all that trouble," he said.

"But house-breakers did not make appointments, and surprise was an essential part of their business, so no-one would know when they might strike.

"In a similar way, the Christian Gospels remind us that the day and the hour of Christ's second coming was known only to God.

"Nobody knows the time when this might take place, even though some Christian groups sometimes claim they have foreknowledge. It is something we cannot predict.

"Those who forget who Christ is, and what he stands for, are treading on dangerous ground.

"The only way in which we can be ready for such an eventuality was to ensure we have the right kind of relationship with our neighbours and with God.

"If we live with love and with charity we have nothing to fear," he said.

The key to the 'new creation' was love, and through this medium we could be reconciled with God and with each other.

A former Sydney Morning Herald financial journalist, Bishop Mark now lives in Canberra, where part of his role is to minister to Federal politicians.

This year he preached at the special church service associated with the opening of Federal Parliament.

The Boorowa Anglican Parish is now preparing for the busy Christmas season.

Services in the Parish will be held at Tangmangaroo at 5pm and Murringo at 8pm on Christmas Eve, and at St John's Boorowa at 9.30am on Christmas Day.