Exporter awards puts Boorowa on the global map

TelSoft is putting Boorowa on the global map, having been named as a finalist in the 57th Australian Export Awards.

The awards recognise the achievements of Australian businesses in selling their products and services around the globe.

TelSoft, founded by Dr Anthony de Silva who has property in Boorowa and regularly brings people to the town, provides data analytics software and consulting to help fixed and mobile telecommunication companies monitor demand, capacity, cost and price.

Its software also tracks network traffic and signal data and has 100 per cent of its revenue coming from exports to Asia.

Dr de Silva said being named a finalist in the awards was a huge compliment to his team

"We supply services to around 15 countries, but there's a lot more countries we can deliver our services to," he said.

"The awards give the team confidence and more encouragement to continue to do what we have been doing but also to expand.

"In the telecom space there is a lot of change and there isn't a common understanding of what the capacity is, where is investment best spent, where governments need to focus their investments and what are the big commercial opportunities for the operators.

"Getting that view across the different players that influence what happens is one of our prime focuses," he said.

Dr de Silva said he was proud of his company's work.

"Because of our software, in Indonesia, we've been able to help deliver services at $1 a month," he said.

"If you know your network capacity, you can be a lot more accurate at knowing what the quality of the network is and how low you can price. So you can service those customers that can only afford $1.

"So it's a privilege to be a finalist, we are happy to be a finalist and I think all the people who go to the finals are good exporters and deserve to be the winner.

"If we win it will be a bonus, but we are happy with what we have achieved," he said.

The Australian Export Awards are co-presented by Austrade and the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, they are Australia's most prestigious and long-running business awards and recognition program.

The award ceremony will be at Parliament House on December 3.

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