Ag research boosts town: Word in the Streets

What's going on in them there hills?

What's going on in them there hills?

You may have wondered what exactly was happening on the land on the corner of Lachlan Valley Way and Cunningar Road. Sure, you knew the CSIRO was re-establishing there, moving from its Canberra research farm.

This coming Saturday, November 9, all will be revealed, when the Boorowa Agricultural Research Station hosts an open day, on site, 117 Cunningar Road. Running 10am to 2pm, there will be an opening ceremony, tours of the site, science demonstrations, BBQ and kid's activities.


Much has been said, and most of it in disgust, regarding the release of 22 billion litres of water from an already low Wyangala Dam, reducing the level of water stored from 23% to 18%.

This volume of water released on the behest of the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder was to support catfish, perch, shrimp and the such in the Cumbung Swamp. Drought ravaged towns downstream could only stand by and watch a year's supply of water flow by.

Last week two letters to the Telegraph caught my eye, with Alister from Forbes saying, "... the environmentalists are seriously interfering with the environment. These swamps were meant to deal with what the weather provided, but now the environmentalists seem to know better. Don't these ignorant people study history?"

Margaret from Taree was even more scathing in her criticism of the handling of our water resources at all levels of government. Her catch line sums it up: "Are we governed by a bunch of amateurs?"


With bush poets supreme, Mel and Susie, having recently visited Hilltops schools conducting poetry writing workshops, I am putting out a challenge to the children of Boorowa and district schools to come up with a poem with a distinctive Australian theme.

Children can write about love of town or country, personal feelings or convey a humorous (or serious) incident in poetic verse.

The Boorowa Australia Day Committee will look at what the children produce and acknowledge their efforts appropriately, with effort rewarded and the best poems read at Balladeers on Australia Day and published in the Boorowa News.

If there is a strong response to the challenge, I'm sure a monetary reward or two will be forthcoming.


The Boorowa Australia Day Committee have a meeting scheduled for next Tuesday November 12.

New committee members are always welcome as are ideas to make Australia Day in Boorowa even better.

Speaking of Australia Day, recognition of our top citizens and sports persons is high on the committee's agenda. Lions Citizen of the Year nominations go to Marilyn Miller PO Box 127 and Rotary Young Achiever to Chris or Jenny Carter PO Box 66, with nominations to close on or about December 16. For any information regarding Australia Day, give me a call on 0428 853 348.


Ever heard of a paraprosdokian? Sir Winston Churchill loved them. A parprodokian is a figure of speech in which the latter part of a sentence or phrase is surprising or humorous, ie Where there is a will, I want to be in it,

Here is a paraprosdokian possibly suited to some government agency representatives: "Since light travels faster than sound, some people appear bright until you hear themspeak."

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