Final round of darts arrives after a long and competitive year

It has been a long, hard road, but the business end of the darts season is here as teams go head to head in round 28 of the year. Next week will see teams play off in all three grades for their respective titles.

Results from Round 27 last week were as follows:


The Top Pub Bollocks hosted the RAMZ side with the away team a bit too slick winning 5/2. The RAMZ' Tom Thuaux was sensational with eight hundred plus scores on the night including Two 140's, and a 126.

Josh Carmody shot five hundred plus scores, including his fourth 180 maximum for the year. Jacob Carmody contributed with five hundreds including a 160 and a 140, while Les Fitzgerald had 5 tons to round out a great team effort.

The Bollocks' Charlie Collins with 3 ton plus scores was impressive, whilst Peter Stephens with had two tons and Carol Stephens had a nice 96 peg out.

In the other A grade game, the Top placed Rec Blue hosted the Silver Foxes with the Foxes breaking out of a form slump to be victorious 4/3. Dennis Watson was on fire with eight hundreds on the night, and Richard Hall had a game changing superb 103 peg out for the Foxes. For the Rec Blues, Steve Makings shot five hundreds including a 140 while Russell George also had a 140.


The Top Pub Leprechauns hosted The Top Pub Shenanigans with the Leprechauns sneaking home 4/3. For the Leprechauns, Rebecca Dwyer shot great darts with three hundred scores, including a 121 ,116 and a ton. David Apps had a 138 whilst Naomi Roberts hit a good 57 peg out in two darts. For the Shenanigans, Jake McKenzie shot a 100.

In the other B grade game, the Mitz Fits were whitewashed by The Mad Ramz side 7/0. Hundreds went to The Mad Ones Anna Armstrong with a 116 and David Jansen with a ton. The Mitz Fitz' Leteesha Peace had a 140 and Katlyn Elliott shot a 134.


The Ex Services RSL had a local derby with the Ex-Services 26's and were a touch too good for the RSL side, winning 4/3. For the 26's, Chris Dwyer shot two tons, but the RSL's Vanessa Hawley kept things competitive by shooting two hundreds. Darryl Armour also had a ton.

In the other match, the Top Pub Jameson's hosted the Top Pub Shamrocks with the Shamrocks winning 6/1. Deb Cotter and Grant Cotter both had hundreds being a 105 and a 108 respectively, The Jameson's Deb McNeil, shot two tons.



  • Silver Foxes host RamZ
  • Bollocks host Rec Blue


  • Miz Fits host Shenanigans
  • Mad Ramz host Leprechauns


  • RSL host Jamesons
  • Shamrocks host Ex-Services 26's

A meeting will be held next coming Monday, November 4, at the Ram & Stallion Hotel at 7pm, to discuss and clarify the format, qualified players, venues and schedules, etc.

This is the time when the cream rises to the top as the contenders and pretenders are sorted out so why not get down to your local and check out the action. See you at the boards.