Who gets water upgrades first: Letter to the Editor

I write in support of Derrick Masons letter in last week's (Thursday, October 31) paper.

I know Mr Mason has been, like myself, concerned about the long term effects on our respective communities and I find it truly unfortunate it has taken so long for many to realise the folly of the amalgamations process forced on us by the State Government, and the diabolical situation faced by Boorowa going forward.

Next to no local representation and a bureaucracy at least 3 times as large as before.

And what of the much touted benefits?

Grenfell, who escaped amalgamation and were left to stand alone were recently given 12.5 million by a cashed up State Government - eager to stay relevant and not lose any more ground to the minor parties - to replace their sewerage treatment works while Mayor Ingram has stated in the Young Witness recently that the inability to renew ageing water infrastructure in Young is due to the "overnight" inheritance of Harden and Boorowas infrastructure backlog meaning a shortage of funds overall with no Government grant funds available.

So our amalgamated status has actually given us no advantage whatsoever in gaining State Government attention, just given an opportunity for subtle shifting of the blame onto Harden and Boorowa.

So with all 3 towns desperate for upgrades to their water infrastructure and no funds where will the money come from and where will it get spent first I wonder...

Scott Collins

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