Christmas to come early for local shoppers

Christmas is fast approaching and the Boorowa Business Chamber takes great pleasure in joining with the two other business chambers within Hilltops, the Harden/Murrumburrah H.R.D.C and the Young Development Group in a "Shop Locally" initiative.

This takes the form of a "Hilltops Christmas Spending Spree" where by shopping locally from November 1, each shopper purchasing with participating businesses will gain the opportunity to go into a draw that closes on Friday, December 13.

Three lucky tickets will be drawn in each town, all of equal value - one for Boorowa, one for Harden/Murrumburrah and one for Young on Sunday, December 15.

The winners will be able to use their winnings to purchase either products or services in the town where they purchased the ticket with participating local businesses.

On Sunday, December 15 at approximately 11am, Santa will arrive at the Boorowa Village Green by the Old Courthouse and make the draw.

There will be a sausage sizzle, music, face painting and photo opportunities for both the winner and the participating business that sells the winning ticket.

If you wish to take part, phone Angus on 0412 223 702.

In September, the Boorowa Business Chamber applied for a grant to have free WiFi made available to most of the business district of Boorowa.

This is with regard to trying to capture visitors, tourists and Grey Nomads that pass through Boorowa.

Statistics show a marked increase in the local economy due to these visitors tending to remain longer within the town.

The main WiFi 'splash page' will also alert visitors to the many services available within the township on 'Localised':

The Hilltops Council has certainly been in the headlines of late, the incumbent Mayor and Deputy being re-elected, the announcement of Dr. Edwina Marks early 2020 resignation and of course the tabling of the late financial statements.

Margaret Kelly of the Boorowa Business Chamber penned a brilliant letter on the 'Ward System' and the benefits to Boorowa and Harden/Murrumburrah amidst the numerical population differences each town has that make up the Hilltops Region.

During this time of difficulty following the amalgamation, strong leadership within Hilltops is required and from Boorowa's point of view, united support for the candidates that choose to represent us in the up and coming Hilltops Election on September 12, 2020.

The Boorowa Business Chamber has a general meeting booked for Monday, October 28 at 7pm in the Shamrock Café of the Boorowa Hotel.

All the Boorowa community and business chamber members are invited.

Guest speaker will be Inspector Jacob Reeves, Officer in charge of the Hume Police District and accompanying him will be Boorowa's new resident Senior Constable Aston Williams.

A light supper will follow.