Wendy Tuckerman raises concerns on mayoral vote date

Councillors voted No.
Councillors voted No.

The next mayor of Hilltops Council will be determined by the draw of a name from a hat if the vote is five all.

The possibility of a tied vote has arisen after Cr Wendy Tuckerman informed Hilltops Council that she won't be able to attend its next meeting on Wednesday, September 25 when councillors will be asked to vote for a mayor for the next 12 months.

During the August council meeting Cr Tuckerman asked if the date for the meeting could be changed to Friday, September 27.

Only Cr O'Connor supported Cr Tuckerman's request to move the meeting but Cr Tony Flanery expressed concern that with only 10 councillors likely to be present at the meeting the vote for a mayor could be tied.

Cr Flanery said he supported changing the date but was concerned that the council could be stuck with drawing the position for mayor out of a hat.

"We should get an indication of who could make the meeting before we vote on it," Cr Flanery said.

Three councillors said they wouldn't be available if the date for the meeting was changed.

"If we get a five on five is the position drawn out of a hat?" Cr Flanery asked mayor Brian Ingram who said in his past experience "if that occurs that is exactly how it is dealt with".

Speaking against the change Cr John Horton said the meeting dates should not be changed.

"With great respect to Cr Tuckerman I don't think we should change the date of our meetings. If we break that we start a precedent and that would mean the other councillors could ask for a date to be changed for any reason," Cr Horton said.

He pointed out two other councillors would be apologies for the following council meeting in October but neither had asked for the meeting date to be changed.

Cr Tuckerman said her concern regarding not be at the meeting was the need for someone from Boorowa to be present to put their hand up for committee positions which are also appointed at the September meeting.

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