DARTS | Round 16 Wrap-Up and Round 17 Preview

Round sixteen has come and gone in the local darts competition with plenty of high scores recorded.

The Ex Services 26's hosted the Top Pub Jameson's, with the Jameson's the winners of the night 4/3. They benefited from fill in players Carol Stephens who shot a 100 and pegged out on 110. Charlie Collins had a 140, whilst for the 26's, Grant Wales starred with a 140.

The Top Pub Shenanigans hosted the Leprechauns with the Shenanigans winning 4/3. For the shenanigans Jake McKenzie hit a 121 and a 119 whilst Dee McClung had a 130. The Leprechauns Rebecca Dwyer hit a ton and an impressive 51 bulls eye peg out. David Apps had two tons and Sean Dwyer shot a nice 136.

The Top Pub Silver Foxes hosted The Rec Club Miz Fitz with the hosts scoring a 6/1 win. Five tons to the Silver Foxes Dennis Watson with three hundreds to Lester Murphy. The Miz Fitz Leteesha Peace had two hundreds including a high of 156 and a ton also went to Katlyn Elliott.

The Mad RamZ hosted the Ex Services RSL with the hosts winning 5/2. Tons to the Mad RamZ Shane Friend and Jeremy Dreverman whilst for the RSL's, Adrian March had a 111 and Darrell Armour a ton.

The Rec Club Blue hosted the Top Pub Shamrocks with the Rec side scoring a 6/1 win. An impressive eight tons went to Alex Lynch after being runner up in the Singles Competition. Six hundreds were scored by Colin Death whilst Lyn Chapman chipped in with a 104. For the Shamrocks Neil Turner hit a 105.

In the final game, the Top Pub Bollocks hosted the RAMZ side with the Ramz winning 4/3. Two hundreds went to the Ramz Jacob Carmody.

The round 17 draw for tonight with the home side first is:

  • Top Pub Leprechauns v Silver Foxes
  • Top Pub Jameson's v Rec Miz Fits
  • RamZ v Mad Ramz
  • Top Pub Shamrocks v Top Pub Shenanigans
  • Ex-Services 26's v Top Pub Bollocks
  • Rec Blue v RSL