Help find a cure for MS: Word in the Streets

Boorowa Library is the place to be on Thursday - come along to their morning tea to help find a cure for MS.

Boorowa Library is the place to be on Thursday - come along to their morning tea to help find a cure for MS.

'Round Up' has been the friend of gardeners and farmers for almost fifty years.

Glyphosate, the killing quality we expect in 'Round Up' has now gained a sinister quality - man killer.

Monsanto is facing huge law suits in America with their product 'Round Up' being branded as carcinogenic.

Big payouts in US with the Australian connection facing similar legal ramifications.

A Current Affair presentation last week highlighted health problems farmers are facing due to extensive use of 'Round Up'.

The program did point out that your average garden use would not have the dire results some farmers are facing, the company saying, "That used correctly 'Round Up' is quite safe."

Being aware of the nasty reports regarding the use of 'Round Up' I have discovered an alternative but safe weed killer with initial use being more than satisfactory.

Mix two litres of white vinegar with one cup of Epsom salts and a half tablespoon of dish washing detergent. This works and quickly.

One thing that is sure, beside the fact it works and works quickly, it's a darn side cheaper than 'Round Up'.


Like to have a yarn with the NSW Minister for Finance and Small Business, the Hon. Damien Tudehope, this evening is your chance.

The Minister will be here to speak to and meet business people and locals alike, he will be accompanied by Member for Goulburn Wendy Tuckerman.

This should be an informative meeting set down for a 6pm start in the Boorowa Hotel Shamrock Café with a light supper, tea and coffee provided.

Every business owner should be there.


A woman could smell the strong odour of fish in her son's bedroom.

Cleaning the room did take away the smell briefly but it was soon back stronger than ever.

On Googling what could cause this smell, the first thing that came up was melting plastic from power outlets. On checking, she found an outlet that was hot and melting the plugs.

She was pleased to find the fault before a fire started and also discovered the smell of eggs could indicate a gas leak.

There have been too many house fires of late, tragically, lives have been lost.

We must be extra vigilant in winter, ensuring you have working smoke alarms, be cautious and aware of any changes in your environment and if worst comes to worst, ensure you have an evacuation plan firmly in the family's minds.


It is quite amazing the variety of activities our Library offers. As a fundraiser for Multiple Sclerosis (MS), they are holding a morning tea today, Thursday, July 4, 11am to 12noon.

Got nothing to do? Get along and help in the fight to find a cure for this so far incurable disease.

The kids of all ages are not forgotten and Drop In Lego is offered Thursday, July 18, Friday, July 19 and Saturday, July 26 in Library hours. Tape-fetti Butterfly Mobile making is offered Saturday July 13 at 10.30am. This one is suitable for 7 and over, under 9's will need a little adult help. Cost is $5.


Memory is a wonderful thing, a super computer. Instant recall of a lifetime of events - sometimes. The brain is an amazing machine but have you ever been watching a quiz show and you answer a question saying, "How the hell did I know that?" Amazing. Consider:

"You may not think you have a good memory, but you remember what's important to you" (Rick Warren)