Hilltops Council studies put on public exhibition

Hilltops Council is seeking comments on the recently completed Hilltops Rural and Residential Lands Study and Freight and Transport Study.

Council resolved, at their May 22 meeting, to put these two studies on public exhibition for a period of 42 days, from June 6 to July 18.

The Hilltops Rural and Residential Lands Study looks at the capacity of existing lands and where growth is likely and could occur. Its focus is on rural and residential lands within the Hilltops Local Government Area.

The study will help Council in planning for residential growth now and into the future whilst accommodating rural land uses.

The Hilltops Freight and Transport Study focuses on the ambition to have a freight and transport network that can support growth in Hilltops. It has identified gaps in the connections in this network where Council may focus its energy in the future. This study also identifies that council has different roles and responsibilities within this network.

In some parts Council owns and manages the freight and transport infrastructure (such as some roads), in other parts of the network, Council has a role to lobby state and federal governments to sustain and upgrade the infrastructure.

The Hilltops Rural and Residential Lands Study and The Hilltops Freight and Transport Study will be used in conjunction with the Hilltops Community Strategic Plan and other strategic documents and data to inform the upcoming Hilltops Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS) and Local Environmental Plan (LEP).

Council requests comments and feedback on both of these studies and will consider residents' feedback and the outcomes from this Study in the preparation of the Hilltops LSPS and Hilltops LEP.

The study is now available to view and download from Council's website:

Hard copies for viewing are also available at Hilltops Council Offices and Libraries.

Submissions are to be received in writing or email to submissions@hilltops.nsw.gov.au with 'Hilltops Rural and Residential Lands Study' or 'Hilltops Freight and Transport Study' in the subject line. Submissions must be received by July 18.