Which party will prevail? Word in the Streets

Who will prevail out of Bill Shorten and Scott Morrison.
Who will prevail out of Bill Shorten and Scott Morrison.

In WITS of April 18 I vowed not to mention politics until this issue of May 16.

I did mention a piece of political history and put scorn on the un-Australian vitriol some aspiring and current politicians are regrettably experiencing.

Apart from those two insertions, no reference to the current political scene.

You couldn't miss the fact that we do have to vote this Saturday May 18.

I bet I'm with you in saying thank goodness we won't have to endure all these political ads, especially the United Australia Party ads.

Mentioning betting, if a market was framed at time of writing, the Shorten led Labor Party would be fairly long odds on to win.

Bill Shorten is feeling pretty confident with the current situation, but, I repeat but, odds on favourites can get beaten.

Probably the most famous defeat was the racehorse Ajax, beaten at 40 to one on in the 1939 Rawson Stakes.

If you don't understand punting parlance, you had to put $40 on to win $1.

The victor on that day was a horse called Spear Chief.

I don't know if Scott Morrison is any Spear Chief, but he may well have to be for the Coalition to get up.


I guess we all know which way each of us will be voting on Saturday, but right at this moment I have huge concerns if Bill Shorten has a huge smile on his face come Saturday night.

My concern lies not in my love of one political party over another, but which party is best credentialed to rid us of the huge debt we currently face.

I have been unable to source the exact current debt, but as of April 2017 our national debt stood at $551.75 billion.

One can only surmise what it is now. Interest payments alone are staggering.

Where or when has anything been said to address the issue of this debt. With the Liberal/Nats promising $9.8 billion in expenditure and the Labor Party nine times as much with $86.6 billion in promises, I ask myself, "Where do they get the money for that?"

Historically the Coalition Governments save, the Labor Governments spend.

It's not about promises to secure the keys to The Lodge ... we need good management.

Someone has to step in to address our spiraling debt now, otherwise our children and grandchildren on into the future will have to carry this burden, and, do we really wish them that?


We do have to vote on Saturday with polling booths opening at 8am, closing at 6pm. Locally we can vote at Boorowa Central School, Rye Park School and Frogmore Hall. Voting is fine, not voting is a fine.


I don't want to alarm our politicians and dignitaries, just one simple question, "How important does a person have to be before they are considered assassinated instead of murdered?"


Politics can be a little heavy, so, on a lighter note, two elderly gentlemen were having a yarn over a beer when one fellow remarked, "I'm really feeling my age. I've had a heart bypass, hip replacement, my eyes are bad, I'm going deaf, I've got bad circulation, I can't feel my feet any more, I get dizzy spells and I can't remember how old I am.

"Thank goodness I've still got my driver's licence."

Sometimes circumstances get in the way of the significant things in life.