Questions for the member: Letters to the Editor

Reasonable questions

Who does our federal member actually represent and what is he afraid of? We elect our local members to represent our interests in parliament.

Instead we have a reluctant public figure who feels no responsibility to local constituents who want answers to important questions such as:

Why are retirees having to wait more than six months for their age pension applications to be processed? In some cases, very sick and desperate people, waiting for an answer one way or another.

Why has the government under-spent the NDIS Budget by $1.6 billion and forced people to wait years for essential care and equipment?

What is he going to do to support the 250-plus families and local businesses who will be affected by the imminent closure of the Coles Distribution Centre?

All reasonable questions for any member to respond to!

Judith Fowler, Goulburn

Not a good look

Irrespective of whether it is legal or not to set up companies in offshore tax havens, our Federal representative, Angus Taylor, must think it's OK to set up a company in the Cayman Islands, even if he is no longer a director.

Because this company is in a secretive offshore country that specialises in confidentiality, we have no way of finding out who are the current shareholders are that pocketed, tax free, a cool $50M windfall from selling flood (only) waters to the Government after being knocked back at least twice at a lower price when the ALP were in government.

It's certainly not a good look.

Bob Philipson

PO Box 1350, Goulburn