Fight fair this election campaign: Word in the Streets

Both Tony Abbott and Adam Bandt have been the targets of vitriol during the Federal Election campaign.

Both Tony Abbott and Adam Bandt have been the targets of vitriol during the Federal Election campaign.

I happened to catch a very interesting segment on the Today Show Thursday of last week May 2.

Georgie Gardner was interviewing seven teenagers who had been subjected to a two week detox where they went without social media.

They managed to last out the two weeks, but when given permission to download their chosen social media app, this was carried out live on the show, the entire group went straight back into the social media zone - they zoned right out.

Screen addiction is a concern when considering growing brains, and alarmingly, each young person averages about 44 hours per week on their devices, whereas the recommended time is about one hour per day.

Georgie Gardner did say, in hindsight, she wishes the two week experiences covered all devices.

Later in the show Georgie interviewed David Gillespie, author of 'Teen Brain'.

His research and writing regarding the impact of devices and social media on young growing brains is alarming.

I ask myself, "Have we gone too far?"

Episodes of Today and Gillespie's book are locatable on Google.


I vowed not to mention politics until WITS of May 16, but, on this day, May 9, a slice of political history occurred.

In 1901 the first Australian Parliament was opened in Melbourne by Prince George, Duke of Cornwall who was later crowned King George V.

For those who did not know, and surely that's not many, the first Prime Minister was Edmund Barton, leader of the Protectionist Party.

Federation united all the Australian colonies, but unfortunately they chose to operate under the Westminster System ... curse the English influence.


Is Australia becoming 'un-Australian'?

Can you believe the vitriol Tony Abbott is experiencing trying to retain his seat he's held for 25 years.

Vile signs posted around Warringah, often with crude, un-printable wordage.

So much for service to electorate, Australia, surf lifesaving, bush fire service and an ex-Prime Minister.

No respect.

He's not alone, one candidate had swastikas drawn on his campaign posters, vitriol has been thrown around in general.

These people put up their hand to represent us, they should be applauded, not treated with scurrilous and vile oral or written filth.

Politics can be a hard game.

Fight the good fight but keep it Australian, fight fair.


With Mother's Day coming up on Sunday, one should realise the Hospital Auxiliary will be holding their annual Mother's Day stall in Bertie's barber shop tomorrow Friday, May 10 commencing at 9am and continuing until sold out.

A great chance to purchase something special for Mum and also support the hospital.

The Hospital Auxiliary works hard for the hospital and recently helped to re-furbish and modernize the nurse home at the hospital.

Their next aim is to purchase a bariatric shower and over toilet chair.

Interestingly, the Auxiliary adheres to requests from the Hospital Staff when setting their goals, as I suppose it should do.


Mother's Day is a celebration honouring the mother of the family.

There have been many traditional celebrations of mother and motherhood throughout time such as the Greek cult to Cybele, the Roman Festival of Hilaria and the Christian Mothering Sunday celebration.

The modern Mother's Day began in the United States at the initiative of Ann Reeves in 1908.

Mothers are special.


"The love of a Mother is the veil of a soft light between the heart and the heavenly Father" (Samuel Taylor Coleridge)