WITS with John Snelling: Positive thinking needed

Positive thinking is needed by Boorowa residents planning on being a candidate for Hilltops Council.

Positive thinking is needed by Boorowa residents planning on being a candidate for Hilltops Council.

With Wendy Tuckerman's election to State Parliament she must now stand down from her seat on Hilltops Council meaning Boorowa will have no actual representation on Council for the final twelve months of this Council's term.

This is worrying, but looking at a positive from a negative, people are already talking about the upcoming Council Elections, even though they are more than a year away.

I have heard some names mentioned in conversations regarding this matter, and Wendy Tuckerman has told me she has also been talking to someone who is keen and would make an excellent councilor.

A potential councilor must have not only a passion for Boorowa, but also a vision for Hilltops as a whole. With lower population than Young and Harden, getting numbers on Council is difficult, so a potential candidate needs to have a profile beyond Boorowa.

Councilors in the inaugural Hilltops Council Elections were getting elected with numbers in the low thousands. With about 1500 voters in Boorowa, you can see the mathematical difficulty facing us.

It is great to hear people are talking, keep the conversations going and, if you have a desire to run, don't think negatively, think positively, and start to build your profile now.


On this day in 1906 San Francisco was hit by a 7.9 magnitude earthquake that took up to 3000 lives and with the resulting fires the quake triggered, destroyed 80% of the city.

There are awesome reminders of the power of nature, and when nature unleashes its savage power, lives and places are changed forever as has been chronicled throughout history.

Man has done much to predict these catastrophic events, but has little power to prevent them.


The Federal Election is on Saturday May 18 and I'm going to make a resolution not to mention politics between today and the pre-election Thursday May 16.

This will probably be a very difficult resolution to maintain, I mean not mentioning politics for three or four weeks, it might be easier to move Canemumbola from where it is to the other side of the showground using a spade and wheelbarrow.

The question is, how long will it be before someone makes the first faux pas?


A fellow walked into a pub with a fully loaded six repeater Winchester rifle. He approached the bar and roared, "I've got six bullets in this gun. Which one of you has been sleeping with my wife?"

There was stunned silence, no one moved and the irate husband with the rifle again roared, "I want the person who's been sleeping with my wife to step forward now!"

Silence prevailed, there was no movement, until a voice from the back of the stunned pub crowd piped up saying, "You're going to need more than six bullets."


Earlier this month I mentioned how having a few beers makes you think you're more intelligent. Well a recent study has found whisky does not make you fat - it makes you lean - against tables, chairs, walls, floors and often, inadvertently, pretty girls.


It is wonderful to see elite athletes and sportsmen retire when on top. Who can forget Bradman's duck in his last innings. Australia farewelled a champion last Saturday, Winx. This champion record holding mare went out in the style of a true champion - winning emphatically.

Have a great Easter and if travelling, drive carefully.