Residents raise concerns at Boorowa Business Chamber meeting

Angus Mitchell, Michael Ward, Dr Edwina Marks and Cr Margaret Roles.
Angus Mitchell, Michael Ward, Dr Edwina Marks and Cr Margaret Roles.

Residents from Boorowa, Rye Park, Rugby, Reid's Flats and the surrounds have had the opportunity to raise issues with Hilltops Council at the last meeting of the Boorowa Business Chamber (BBC) on Monday night. 

Hilltops Council General Manager, Dr Edwina Marks, was the guest speaker and was joined by Hilltops Councillor Margaret Roles. 

Dr Marks spoke about Hilltops Council's plans for the future, including the number one priority - securing a water pipeline for Boorowa. 

"What was a pipe dream six months ago is now endorsed by the state government," Dr Marks said. 

"[The pipeline] will mean a significantly different outlook for residential and business growth."   

She also stressed that residents should have their say on Council's Strategic Plan, to make sure it is a "vision of yourself". 

Dr Marks also addressed concerns raised by residents, such as garbage collection and street drainage in Rye Park, flooding and road resealing in Rugby, Council staffing numbers, easier communication with Council and the need for Council staff to take more local knowledge on board.  

Boorowa Business Chamber President, Michael Ward, also updated the audience on the progress made by the Chamber in the last few months, including the Chamber's submission for the Local Environment Plan (LEP).

The BBC AGM will take place in the Shamrock Café at the Boorowa Hotel next Monday, March 18 at 7pm.