Chef named as Liberal Democrats' Goulburn candidate in state election

Professional chef Dean McRae

Professional chef Dean McRae

The NSW State electorate of Goulburn has just received a candidate describes himself as 'outside of the box'.

The candidate that "other candidates love to hate", he says he is the “Anti-Pollie Pollie”.

Dean McCrae isn't a career politician and neither is he a lawyer, like most of our body politic.

Mr McCrae says he is a fully qualified Chef, and he has taken those skills to build up a series of local businesses with not just an entrepreneurial charm, but the ability to listen to all walks of life as they are invariably his customers.

“As a business man and someone who didn't bow down to the polished education, I have been able to see the real impact of over-taxation, over-regulation, and the true cost that is borne by the working men and women who have to foot the bill for government mismanagement,” Mr McCrae said. 

“I found that there was only one party that would tolerate me pushing back against government incompetence, the Liberal Democrats. It's just a bonus that I also can get loud about individual liberties, small business viability through a reduction in taxes and red tape, job promotion and creation,and a reduction in Government of all levels sticking their noses in hard working Australian’s day to day business.”

The 38 year old professional chef believes strongly in the capabilities of the Australian people to create, work and manage the lives they lead.

Mr McCrae takes serious issue with the government - regardless of which party - as he holds them all to blame for the disastrous state of the political management in this State.

He says he intends to stand on holding politicians 'feet to the fire' and to stop the anti-productive government over-regulation that undermines personal and professional opportunities.

“I have no desire to be a politician, but I'm just fed up. I yearn for the Australia of only a couple of decades ago; the Australia that believed in a fair go, Not the Australia that is busy looking over my shoulder to see what they can take from me to give to someone else through an unearned subsidy," he said. 

"Nor do I want to see an Australia that is more concerned with what language I use than what water is available because of political mismanagement or how much my electricity is going to cost to pay for the next failed green scheme. I hope to serve up a major plate of reality and common sense to politicians in Macquarie Street."

Mr McCrae will run against Saan Ecker (The Greens), Andy Wood (Shooters, Fishers and Farmers), Wendy Tuckerman (Liberal), Tracey Keenan (Animal Justice Party), Ursula Stephens (Country Labor) and Richard Orchard (One Nation).