Remembering a top bloke: Word in the Streets

Sam Beattie (right) with his partner of his latter days Toni.

Sam Beattie (right) with his partner of his latter days Toni.

Last week we said goodbye to Sam Beattie, one top bloke.

Sam lived in Boorowa for some 35 years after a naval career, and one must say became very passionate about this little town.

Sam loved his farm, loved Boorowa and the people, to the extent he committed a lot of his time to helping this community.

Being a councillor and for a time, Shire President, highlights his commitment to this community.

He was very supportive of the establishment and running of Burrowa House and involved in bringing Bendigo Bank to Boorowa.

Sam may be gone, but he’s left his mark on this town.

He loved a yarn, was a great talker and somehow I feel he’s somewhere right now telling someone about a terrific little place in country NSW – Boorowa.


I may be completely wrong, but have asked a few acquaintances who all agree with my thought that it was unfortunate there was no representation of the current Council at Sam’s funeral.

If Boorowa Council still existed, I am sure it would have had strong representation.

When communities farewell former Mayors or Shire Presidents, Hilltops Council should recognise that loss of someone who has made a big commitment to their Council.

Five former Boorowa Councillors did attend the funeral, but as I said, loss of a former community dignitary deserves more.


A chance to support Boorowa M&D Society comes at the end of the month when Loosely Woven presents Trial by Jury.

This may be a little variation on Gilbert and Sullivan’s famous operetta as it involves a jilted fiancée suing a rock star.

There will be plenty of G&S gems to enjoy and the M&D Choir will be making a guest appearance.

All happening Sunday, March 31 in the old Courthouse building at 1pm.

Tickets available at Courthouse Arts and Crafts Co-op at $10 per head.

Like to know a little more? Contact Lorna Spackman on 0427 858 389.


A current topic on talkback radio at the moment is the fact we’re getting sick of politicians and their promises.

One group of entertainers just love pollies because they’re a great source of their material.

I’m speaking of course about comedians.


An elderly husband and wife go into a cellar door sale and displayed on a board is a range of wines. Pino Noir, Pino Blanco, Pino Grigio and the ‘Wine of the Month’.

The seller says to the customers, “You’ll like this one! It’s made from an anti-diuretic hybrid grape and reduce the number of times people of your age go to the toilet during the night. It’s called PINO MORE!”


Boorowa is unlikely to have strong numbers on Hilltops Council and I am fully aware of the fear in town that Young will take all the cream, leaving Boorowa and probably Harden with the crumbs.

I sincerely hope this will never be the case, but all communities need a strong organisation that will stand up and fight for their rights. Boorowa has such an organisation with its business Chamber.

I have urged people, whether they be business owners or residents, to get involved in this organization.

They are holding their AGM Monday next March 18, 7pm in Shamrock Café (Top Pub). This would be a great opportunity to get along, find out what this organisation is all about, and get involved.