A day not to be missed: Word in the Streets

Robyn Lewis, Eileen Reckord, Cyndi O’Meara and Shanna Whan will be speaking at this year's International Women's Day event.

Robyn Lewis, Eileen Reckord, Cyndi O’Meara and Shanna Whan will be speaking at this year's International Women's Day event.

From a somewhat modest beginning, but one of great promise, the International Women’s Day has grown into a very successful, must see event.

Women from a wide area converge on Boorowa’s Ex-Services Club in increasing numbers to take in this day with highly credited speakers sharing their uplifting stories mingled with a touch of lightheartedness.

It’s on this Sunday, March 10, with a 9.00am start.

Once again the organizers have done a wonderful job putting together four inspirational speakers talking on the theme ‘Old Habits Die Hard’.

Ladies, this is one day not to be missed.


We all want our Show to go well, and in the week leading up to the Show, I heard the gate takings on day one of the Crookwell Show were a substantial number of dollars down.

My feelings on visiting the Show last Saturday were any fears regarding attendance were allayed.

The day was warm and people seemed to turn up in good numbers to enjoy a very successful Show.

Congratulations to President Louise Baer, Secretary Narelle Nixon and Treasurer Dianne Hopkirk, but let’s consider the team of volunteers helping to put the Show on, the town should stand and give all those volunteers a huge round of applause.


How tragic last Friday that two lives were lost on the narrow bridge approaching Murringo.

Most travelling that road approach that bridge with trepidation, especially if a truck is approaching.

In reality, we have huge vehicles on roads barely above the horse and buggy days.

Many of our bridges are too narrow, and in the case of this bridge, the approach is on a curve.

Coming home from Young that Friday, we had to detour down Swamp Road, and that road is an absolute disgrace.


It’s always nice to acknowledge a young Boorowa person who has ‘done good’, Jelisa Apps is just that.

I ran into her in the street a week or so ago and enjoyed a good yarn.

Now if you aren’t aware, Jelisa works as a reporter on Channel nine mainly reporting on the sport.

Jelisa has also anchored, at times, the sport segment on Nine’s Afternoon News.

Tune in to Nine News, and it won’t be long before you hear, “Jelisa Apps reporting for Nine News.”


Loving the artist Vincent Van Gogh, pronounced Van GO, I was thrilled to find his family tree.

There’s his dizzy aunt… VertiGogh, his grandfather from Yugoslavia… U Gogh, a Mexican cousin… A Mee Gogh and the Mexican cousin’s American half-brother… Gring Gogh.

Reading on I found the nephew who drove a stage coach… Wells-far-Gogh, the ballroom dancing aunt… Tang Gogh, the bird watcher… FlaminGogh, the little bouncy nephew… Po Gogh, the disco loving sister… Go Gogh and surprisingly, his niece who travels around in an RV… Winnie Bay Gogh.

If that got a smile… there ya Gogh.


Been difficult to steer clear of politics, court cases and misbehaving footballers this week.

Let’s finish with a few actual road signs in Indiana Wells (US);

“Dogs can’t operate MRI Scans… But catscan.’

“I’m friends with 25 letters of the alphabet… I don’t know Y?”

Finally, on this day in 1876 Alexander Graham Bell received a patent for the telephone.

Little did he know we’d be where we are today – most ears permanently attached to one.

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