Celebrating our sporting stars with Australia Day awards

While Ebony Tyrrell won Sportsperson of the Year at Boorowa’s January 26 ceremony, she wasn’t the only person who did the town proud in sport and recreation. 

Here are the other winners: 

Club Person of the Year: Brendan Sheehan (Boorowa Rovers)

Brendan has been heavily involved with volunteering and behind-the-scenes effort with Boorowa’s local League club and being rewarded the Club Person of the Year award was a reflection of those efforts. 

Sports Team of the Year: Boorowa Central School’s Open Boys Touch Team 

The rugby side again performed above and beyond its school’s size at State level throughout 2018, dominating teams in the regional area before going onto compete at higher levels. 

The team’s continued recognition in the community shows the esteem with which they are held.

Under 12 Sports Person of the Year: Harry Dymock

Harry did exceptionally well in 2018, including in cross-country running, where he placed second in his age category at the Western Region Cross Country Championships in Gundagai, before going on to represent the wider region in the Archdiocesan Trials at Mount Stromlo in Canberra. 

Harry was also the Saint Joseph’s senior boys swimming champion for 2018. 

Under 18 Sports Person of the Year: Mackella Pye 

Mackella was dominant for Boorowa Roverettes in 2018, winning their Best and Fairest Award and was an enormous contributor to their on-field success last year.

She has also competed strongly in sports like gymnastics over the past few years, meaning the award can be seen as an accolade for a range of achievements.

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