Merry Christmas from Boorowa Uniting Church

Once again we are getting ready to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of a child who is known as “the Christ”. 

Christmas is an event that many believe changed the world and is also one that continues to have the ability to do so.

In these times especially, the message of Christmas couldn’t be more significant.

Some years ago, I wrote, in a negative way, about the commercialisation of Christmas and that we needed to put Christ back into Christmas. 

Now commercialisation has, despite the advertising to spend and improve the companies profits, actually promotes the ethics of giving, as Christ and his disciples promoted. 

This “Spirit of Christmas” reaches most Australians and is a necessary part of the human “physic”.

However within the Christian faith there are many other factors and the Easter story is by far the most important because without the death of Jesus, there would be no recognition of the birth of Jesus. 

That birth would drift into obscurity and there would be no guidelines for us to live by, for we all need a solid background to our living.

The birth of Christ has given us “hope, peace, joy and love” and these are the very basis of our existence.

The Boorowa Uniting Church will be holding musical evenings with laser lights at 8.45pm on Sunday, December 23 and Monday, December 24 to which all are welcome.

Drive by, bring a chair and sit on the footpath or, if you wish, sit in the church as we build to the celebration of Christ’s birth at 8.30am on Christmas Day.

Blessings to all from the Boorowa Congregation.

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