Dear Santa: Boorowa kids encouraged to get their letters ready

Sophee and Maya Hewitt putting their letters to Santa in the box.
Sophee and Maya Hewitt putting their letters to Santa in the box.

If it’s one thing Santa loves, besides milk and cookies, it’s letters from children all across the world. 

Luckily for local youngsters, they have a direct line to jolly, old St Nick, and it’s located at Boorowa Police Station. 

For the second year in a row, Santa’s letterbox is sitting outside the station and will remain there until Friday, December 21. 

Senior Constable Belinda Hewitt said she came up with the idea after having to travel to post her children’s letters to Santa. 

“There was nowhere in Boorowa except the Australia Post Office that you could post the children’s letters so I took my daughter over to Young to be able to post hers at the pharmacy over there,” she said. 

“It was just a little bit more personal and she could see where it was actually going.

“I just thought there was nothing in Boorowa, so why not?”

Senior Constable Hewitt, along with Senior Constable Randall O’Brien, then approached the Boorowa Men’s Den and asked if they would be interested in making the letter box. 

“They jumped all over it, they were so excited to be able to have a project to do,” she said. 

The letter box was created with local pine and Boorowa Men’s Den member Alan Mellor took it on as a “personal project”. 

Sending letters to Santa through the letter box is easy – simply get the kids to write their letters and wishlists to Santa, pop it in an envelope with their names on it and take it down to the letter box, which will be located near the steps of the station. 

“So it will come to the police station, they will host it here and there will be a personalised letter to send back to them,” Senior Constable Hewitt said. 

“Kids can come down until December 21 and post it, just make sure they have their return addresses on them so Santa knows where to post them back.”