Top-notch social tennis at St John’s courts

St Johns had another week of good tennis with great spirit, with plenty of interesting results and great shots. 

This week’s matches saw some very competitive tennis.

Ben and Jacko had some hotly contested rallies, whilst Vinnie taught cousin Chris a thing or two about the cross court forehand. 

One and Lynelle played some beautiful tennis engaging in some long rallies. 

Social Tuesday tennis is at the St. John’s Tennis courts commencing at 6pm. 

All welcome.

This week’s results:

Jacko/Julie lost to One/Bridget: 2-6

Sue/Ben lost to Paul I/Chris: 3-5

Anika/Bridget defeated Jacko/One: 5-3

Paul II/Vinnie drew with Lynelle/Marty: 4-4

Paul I/Chris defeated Paul II/Vinnie: 5-3

Ben/Lynelle defeated Sue/Jacko: 5-3

Anika/Vinnie drew with Paul/One: 4-4