Boorowa Local Health Advisory Committee calling for new members

The Murrumbidgee Local Health District (MLHD), have embarked upon a district wide recruitment campaign to encourage community members to apply to be on their Local Health Advisory Committee’s (LHAC).

Several towns are encountering low membership and basically, we need more community members to join their local LHAC.

At several our sites, membership of the LHAC are coming up for renewal and there have been some resignations, so we do need more members of the community to join.

We are looking for people from a range of different backgrounds to ensure we have good representative mix.

Advertising shall take place in regional papers as well as social media to encourage people to apply.

Applications will be gathered from now and closing off in mid-January.

Applicants will undergo security checks.

The local site manager at the hospital will consider the applicants and then present to the MHLD board the final recommendations for endorsement.

Successful applicants will be advised in late January or early February.

Pamphlets and postcard type information material will be available in local businesses, which will outline a bit more detail surrounding the benefits and responsibilities of LHAC members.

Application packs can be obtained from the hospital.

In other news, strategic planning session are about to take place in February 2019.

These planning sessions will be held in conjunction with the Primary Health Network (PHN), with governance and audit managers attending. T

he sessions will outline what will be our priority focus areas for the next 12-18 months.

This will be our opportunity to highlight our areas of concerns, what we need and what needs to be done.