Preparations in full swing for Boorowa soccer season 2019

Boorowa United Soccer Club’s preparations for the 2019 season are in full swing, with the committee also electing a new President. 

Jayde Overhall will take the reins of the club, and will be joined by: 

  • Vice President/Secretary: Jess Freestone
  • Treasurer/Canteen Co-Ordinator: Kimberley Overhall
  • Community Members: Kerri Croker, Natalie Downey, Amanda Howell, Jason Howell (First Aid Officer) and Bas Van Leeuwen

Mr Overhall said he would like to see the club become more transparent. 

“As a parent, you should know where the club’s money is being spent and the decisions being made,” he said. 

“I want you as the parents to have a say in your child’s club and the children should also have a say in what they would like from their club.”

Mr Overhall also hopes to introduce an anti-bullying policy. 

“We want the kids to feel safe in the club and if they have an issue they should be able to trust any parent in the club,” he said.

“We expect that the kids will be respectful to teammates, opposition players and parents, so it will be expected that parents would do the same.”

There are also plans in place to start up a Pee-Wee league. 

“There are a lot of kids around town that have brothers and sisters that play sport of some sort, we see them on the sideline picking up balls and running off with them,” Mr Overhall said.

“We have already had interest from parents that aren’t even associated with the club yet.

“So if we can have a place for the four and five year olds to play, to be taught some skills we can help ensure that we have future players for the club.”

Other plans include to teaching the players to umpire, a new Facebook page and app, new items in the canteen, fundraising, new names for the teams and holding meetings after games. 

“I am looking forward to running this club with the support of the committee members and the parents,” Mr Overhall said. 

“Looking forward to seeing everyone in the 2019 season.”

If you are keen to join or help out, please contact Jayde at