Why don’t our representatives represent us – Letters to the Editor

Why is it so hard for our local “representatives” to represent us?

While Pru Goward at least gives it a go, the same cannot be said for our Federal representative Angus Taylor.

But is it all their fault?

One of the problems with our system is that many lower house representatives inevitably get asked to become ministers.

That means it’s the very people we elect to represent us in our local communities who often end up with conflicting loyalties, or at the very least conflicting time pressures.

The end result is that the punters who elect their representative are often not represented because their “representative” is AWOL.

But upper house members are there to represent the whole state, or at the least the particular political agenda of their party.

It makes more sense if they are the ones tasked with being ministers and let “Representatives” get on with the job of representing …. us.

For example, a 2015 report by the NSW Liberal Government (“Community Attitudes to Renewable Energy”) revealed that 82% of people in S.E. NSW (that’s us) think there should be more renewable energy.

Yet our federal representative doesn’t seem to be representing this wish – because he has other masters (they’re always masters!) rather than the people whom he is meant to be representing.

Peter Fraser

129 Bradley St


Response to letter

I thoroughly enjoyed Peter Bruce's letter on Media Bias in September 22 edition of the News.

You are right Peter.

The only knowledge I have of you and your views is from your rather forthright letters to the paper. 

I doubt many readers are interested in prolonging this exchange of letters, so I'll just make two comments. 

My reference to the high regard with which the ABC is held in the community was based on many survey findings confirming this is so, not necessarily my own views.

Similarly, the supporters of privately owned media can undoubtedly point to high levels of support.

My point was in favour of balance and accuracy in the media, rather than partisanship,.

I get the impression Peter thinks my political leanings are to the left.

For the record, the only political party I have belonged to is the Liberal Party. 

I have been a senior policy adviser to a Federal Minister who most observers would probably regard as being on the conservative side of that party.

I was also a policy adviser within one of the Liberal Party's recent election winning national campaign headquarters.

Peter, I would thoroughly enjoy meeting you one day, just as I have enjoyed knowing Derek over the years.

David Weeden


Why do the readers have to put up with it?

Dear Editor,

My point will be brief, unlike Peter Bruce 27/9/19. Why do the reading public have to endure the rambling opinions  of Mr Bruce, Weeden and Mason.

I suggest they get together at a local watering hole and have it out there if necessary at 20 paces ( with a water pistol of course), and spare the public who pay for the paper. You will call it freedom of speech, I call it a waste of paper space that would be far better utilized with a local story.

Darrell Armour

Response to column

Dear Editor,

I would like to reply to Mr. Snelling’s ‘Word on the Street’ which appeared in last week’s Boorowa News in relation to the presentation I was asked to give to the Boorowa Business Chamber on September 17. I take on board your view that I spoke for too long, my response to that is that the alternate way for me to give the presentation would have been to read off a prepared script for fifteen minutes and then leave. I do not believe that is what the Chamber asked for or wanted.

In regard to speaking on irrelevancies of little interest to Boorowa, I find it astounding on a couple of levels. The first is that I spoke on the Hilltops Joint Use Facility in reply to a question from the floor. The second is that you believe a project that includes $6.5 Million of community money is irrelevant to the Boorowa community, I respectfully suggest it should be.

I also note that you did not think it worthy reporting that I spoke of the significant amount of funding that has been allocated to the Boorowa community or the fact that I stated that the number one strategic infrastructure project for Hilltops Council is to ensure that Boorowa have a safe and secure water supply and that Council has allocated significant resources to achieve that goal.

I also stated that I consider Boorowa to be the gateway to the Hilltops and as such played a vital role in ensuring the region continues to grow and flourish.

So yes Mr Snelling, sometimes saying nothing is better than saying anything, especially if anything is only half true.

I believe you have done your community an injustice. As the voice in the street you have the opportunity and platform to inform your community of what Council is doing and trying to achieve for them, but you choose to do the opposite, attacking the messenger rather than taking any interest in the message.

Brian Ingram