Boorowa darts competiton to hold grand final games tonight

Another outstanding season of darts reaches its climax tonight when the grand finals for 2018 take place at the Boorowa recreation club commencing at 7.30pm. It was a thrilling night of action last Thursday with the following results.

A Grade Competition:

The RamZ played the Top Pub Guinness at the Rec Club, with the Guinness winning 4/2 after some very close games.

Dennis Watson was the star for the Guinness with some high scoring darts whilst Lest Murphy kept a cool head for the Guinness to close the match out with a win in the third singles game.

The Guinness now advance to their first final for several seasons.

The Guinness now play the star studded Rec Blue who will start favourites.

However if the unpredictable Guinness bring their best game to the board, it could be a real thriller.

B Grade Competition:

The Top Pub Leprechauns hosted  the Top Pub Shamrocks with the Leprechauns winning 4/2.

David Apps had an impressive 60 peg out and has lost just one of his singles games all year.

The Leprechauns now have a rematch against the Top Pub Whisky Business in the grand final.

Very hard to pick a winner in this one with the teams event possibly deciding the overall outcome.

C Grade Competition:

The Mad RamZ played The Top Pub Blarneys in the preliminary final with The Mad Ramz advancing to the big dance winning 4/2.

Dave Jansen was very impressive in this match with a peg out of 113 being one of the highest finishes in any of the grades.

The Top Pub Shenanigans now take on the Mad RamZ in another match that could go either way.

Yet again, the first up teams event will be critical in deciding the overall outcome.

So the Grand Finals are:

A Grade: Rec Club Blue V Top Pub Guinness

B Grade: Top Pub Whisky Business v Top Pub Leprechauns

C Grade: Top Pub Shenanigans v The Ram & Stallion Mad Ramz.

The action starts at 7.30pm and if any members of teams not in the finals would like to score, your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Supporters are most welcome to watch with plenty of fun to be had whilst watching some top class local darts.

Don’t forget the Singles Championships are at the Ex Services Club on October 18, being individual Mens and Womens Competitions.

This is the first Thursday back after the school holidays. See you at the Rec Club boards tonight.