Boorowa Business Chamber to host Hilltops Mayor Brian Ingram

Boorowa Business Chamber will host Mayor Brian Ingram.

Boorowa Business Chamber will host Mayor Brian Ingram.

The Boorowa Business Chamber holds its next General Meeting on Monday, September 17, 7pm in the Shamrock Café of the Boorowa Hotel, our guest speaker will be Mayor Brian Ingram.

Cr. Ingram was elected inaugural Mayor of Hilltops Council unopposed in the elections held on September 9, 2017.

The Mayor will cover matters regarding current Hilltops council affairs, projects underway and matters on the horizon within the Hilltops region.

All are welcome and a light supper with tea and coffee is available.

The Mayor also makes himself available to all Boorowa residents by attending the Boorowa Council chambers on the first Tuesday of each month from 11:30am until 1:30pm.

If at any time you would like to have some questions answered or discuss any issues, no appointment required just visit the Boorowa Council Office first Tuesday of the month.

The Business Chamber recently formed a Villages Committee headed by Executive member Margaret Kelly with a focus on assisting residents and ratepayers of Rye Park, Rugby, Frogmore and Reids Flat.

This important link to the BBC assists residence in voicing any concerns and local requirements, channeling their needs through the Boorowa Business Chamber.

For those looking to grow their business and look for further opportunities, perhaps Business Connect meetings are for you.

Business Connect is a group within Hilltops that is open to all business or prospective business owners. Business Connect meets once a month generally on the third Tuesday at a selected venue.

Over the last year Business Connect has met at the Wombat Hotel, St Josephs School Boorowa, Harden and Young.

This meeting is only for one hour and includes a delicious complimentary supper.

Benefits: listening to several Hilltops business owners deliver a 1 minute business pitch...that usually runs for about 2 minutes, but no more. 

This is always followed by some good network discussion, “as ever, the goal is to meet our fellow Hilltops businesses, understand what we all do, and foster discussions about how we can all work together”. 

A free bus usually leaves the Boorowa Hotel at 4:45pm on the day, to make enquiries or express an interest, please email