WIRES rescues trapped squirrel glider

Native animal rescue organisation WIRES is asking the local community to help with the rescue and rehabilitation of injured and displaced wildlife that inhabit the Weddin Lachlan area.

Rachael Walker has been a local WIRES volunteer for the past five years and rescues and rehabilitates the area’s unique native animals like a recently rescued female squirrel glider.

The glider was found by a caring passerby, who noticed her caught in barbed wire. 

The passerby, Nicky, gently placed a towel over her then carefully untangled her from the barbs before taking her straight to the vet.

Thankfully the young glider is recuperating well from her cuts and bruises in the care of WIRES and will soon be released back into the wild – another WIRES success story.

Ms Walker said the local branch desperately needs more trained volunteers to be able to continue with the demand of injured and misplaced native animals coming into care.

WIRES Weddin Lachlan is holding the next rescue and immediate care course on Saturday, August 11 in Cowra.

For more information or to register for the course please email training@wires.org.au or call 8977 3392 (business hours).

There is also an online theory component to complete prior to the practical workshop.

Ms Walker said that volunteering with WIRES has allowed her to help amazing native animals.

“It’s so rewarding to know that you’re helping to protect and preserve these unique animals for future generations to enjoy,” Ms Walker said.