Pig Push raises $45,000 for Country Education Foundation

Seven days and more than 200kms later, the teams behind this year’s Pig Push have raised nearly $45,000 for the Country Education Foundation. 

Percy the Pig was welcomed back home at Boorowa Showground on Saturday afternoon with a massive reception from the community. 

Pig Push co-organiser Richard Fleming said the total was at $41,500 on Monday afternoon with more money set to come in. 

“We have $2000 coming as we speak and little bits and pieces coming in from sponsors,” he said. 

“It’s bloody amazing, it makes all the work and preparation worthwhile.”

Percy “came home”, making the trip from Orange to Boorowa this year, the opposite direction to the 2017 trip. 

However Richard said the reception at each town was even better than last year’s Push. 

“It was amazing, the reception along the road was fantastic, the pubs at Cargo, Cowra, Canowindra and Boorowa were just amazing,” he said. 

“We had a new injection of pushers each day which kept myself, Justin (Fleming, co-organiser) and the crew sane. 

“We had some amazing nights out, some very late nights and early mornings which made for interesting pushing.”

He said the team knew what to expect this year, however there were a few unexpected events along the way. 

“Because we knew what we were doing this year, we were more relaxed,” he said.

“It wasn't a race, it was about getting from A to B, we had great mixture of people right across the board. 

“Tim Corcoran did get run over by the pig but he’s fine.”

Richard said the highlight was the reception upon arrival in Boorowa

“The Boorowa community really got around, the people were just great,” he said. 

Richard said there are no plans to hold the Pig Push next year and believes the event will be held on a bi-annual basis. 

“We are keen for another committee to take it on and do it and we will be happy to consult and push for a day,” Richard said. 

“We are a small town, and it’s primarily just Justin and I organising it and we work together, it’s probably a bi-annual thing for Boorowa.

“But we’ve got the model, our first year was a success and our second year was a success.”

Richard paid special tribute to the sponsors of the event, including major sponsor Long Track Pantry. 

“They all played a huge part in it,” he said. 

“They are helping to further kids’ education with the hope they will come back to their home town, start a business and provide an opportunity for the young kids to come.” 

He also wanted to thank the various pubs which hosted them along the way and to everyone who helped the teams to their final destination. 

“They’re amazing, in Cargo, they were just great fun, free food, free accommodation,” he said. 

“Then at the Canowindra Hotel, it was just amazing, they are really good people there and the management was excellent. 

“And the Cowra Hotel, they were really good to us. 

“A ​special thank you to all of the crew and committee and to everyone who cooked meals and slices for us along the road and for everyone for the great welcome we received in Boorowa on Saturday afternoon. 

“Those people, it wouldn't have been possible without them.”