Consult the communi-tree: Word in the Streets

Should we be puzzled by the monkey puzzle tree.

Should we be puzzled by the monkey puzzle tree.

The removal of trees in Parnell and Ford Streets a few weeks ago has sparked alarm and angst among Boorowa’s residents.

The bottom line, and most alarming aspect, is the lack of consultation and notice given to the citizens, and especially citizens most directly impacted.

This is our town, we are proud of it and delight in the beauty our forefathers have provided in their tree planting.

I have heard a whisper, and I only hope it is a rumour, that the future of the Bunyah Pine in the Courthouse Park has come under the tree felling microscope.

This tree has been there for 100 years or more. It is a well known Boorowa landmark.

Before any action is taken on this tree, or for that matter, any tree in the township area, I urge Council, energy providers, whatever, consult the people first, gain their reaction, it may just avoid future angst.


Late last year I asked people to ‘dob’ in their worst road. Cathy Tilden supplied a list of problem areas in the Boorowa township alone.

I hope, with all the road stabilization work currently being undertaken, all the problem areas as brought up by Cathy are addressed – if not let us know.

It is gratifying to see Council doing this needed, in some cases overdue work.


Each year the world acknowledges the plight, problems, goodness of countries world wide.

This, The World Day of Prayer, will be acknowledged here in Boorowa tomorrow Friday March 9, this year in St Patrick’s Catholic Church at 2.00pm.

The country of focus this year is Suriname. Organisers hope for a good turn out on this special day.


An atheist was walking through the woods, taking in the beauty of it all. Suddenly he heard a rustling in bushes behind him.

Turning to look, he saw a seven foot grizzly bear charge toward him.

He ran, and looking over his shoulder he saw the bear gaining, looked again and the bear was closer.

Panicked, the atheist tripped and fell.

Rolling over to pick himself up, the bear was right on top of him, reaching out with his left paw and raising the right paw to strike.

At that instant the atheist cried out, “Oh my God!”

Time stopped, the bear froze, the forest was silent.

A bright light shone down on the man and a voice came out of the sky, “You deny my existence for all these years, you teach others I don’t exist, and you expect me to help you. Am I to count you as a believer?”

The atheist looked directly into the light saying, “It would be hypocritical of me to suddenly ask you to treat me as a Christian now, but perhaps you could make the bear a Christian?”

A pause … “Very well,” said the voice.

The light went out, the bear dropped his right arm and brought both paws together saying, “Lord, bless this food which I am about to receive.”


The Show has come and gone with, to my view, a slightly lower attendance, but then again I’ve been known to be wrong.

Speaking to President Louise Baer, she is more than happy with how things went.

One thing that has definitely shrunk is sideshow alley, a shame.

The pavilion looked great and we should all congratulate the winners. Importantly well done Louise, Narelle and Diane and all the stewards.

Consider the relevance of this quote: “Success is good management in action.” (William E Holler)